LAND Sale Raffle — FAQ

Everything you need to know about the LAND sale raffle system!

The Sandbox
9 min readNov 22, 2022

All LAND sales will be on Polygon. Make sure you have your SAND ready on Polygon.

How can I enter the LAND Sale Raffle?

If you meet the eligibility conditions in the question below, you can enter the raffle on the LAND Sale page here:

Who is eligible to enter the LAND Sale Raffle?

  • You must have registered an account at The Sandbox and connected a cryptocurrency wallet to it.
  • The account must have passed KYC verification.
  • There must be a minimum of 1,011 SAND in the wallet connected to the account, bridged to Polygon (4,683 SAND to enter premium raffles or both).
  • The account must not be banned (ie, for ToU violations or attempted fraud in events).

How much does it cost to enter the raffle?

It costs nothing to enter the raffle.

However, the conditions in the questions above this one must be met.

How can I enter the LAND Sale raffle without passing KYC?

You can’t.

We require you to have passed KYC for security and anti-fraud reasons. There are no exceptions to this.

The vast majority of The Sandbox’s community members wanted KYC implemented on our platform — we listened to them and provided it.

How do you get tickets for the raffle?

Each sale will likely have its own objectives for acquiring raffle tickets. These will be announced before the sale goes live. For example, some sales may offer additional tickets for holding a specific avatar.

In general, the following are likely to grant tickets:

  • Signing up for the LAND Sale Raffle.
  • Reach Level 5 in Alpha Seasons.

What is the LAND Sale Process?

LAND sales will roll out as follows:

  • LAND Sale Raffle Sign Up
  • LAND Sale Raffle Results Announcement
  • LAND Sale (Allowlisted users only):
  • LAND Sale OpenSea Auctions (Everyone)
  • LAND Sale Second Chance Auctions* (Everyone)

*LAND Sale Second Chance Auctions supply will depend on how many allowlisted users decide not to buy LAND.

Where can I find out more about upcoming LAND sales?

All upcoming LAND sales will be hosted on

We’ll announce upcoming LAND Sales over social media, on our home page, and on the map. Users subscribed to The Sandbox will also receive email communications when a new LAND Sale is coming.

LAND Sale Raffle

How can I enter the LAND sale raffle and get whitelisted?

You can enter the LAND sale through this link and the map as well, by clicking on any of the LAND available for the LAND Sale. You can win a whitelist spot for the LAND Sale through the LAND sale raffle. Every winner of the LAND sale raffle will be able to mint 1 random LAND.

To sign up for the LAND sale raffle you need to:

  1. Log into your The Sandbox account
  2. Access
  3. Click ENTER RAFFLE (make sure you meet all the requirements listed below)
  4. Select the raffle you want to join, regular, Premium or both.
  • If you don’t have your account verified you can start the process right there or by accessing
  • To buy SAND please click on the BUY SAND button. You can also buy SAND (on Polygon) by clicking on the SAND icon in the top right hand corner. Make sure you select Polygon network.

How many whitelist spots are available?

One whitelist spot = one 1x1 LAND. For example, if 300 1x1 LANDs are available, then 300 whitelist spots will be distributed.

How can I get SAND on Polygon?

If you have SAND on Ethereum you can bridge it to Polygon. Read how you can bridge SAND below or enter

You can buy SAND directly on Polygon by clicking the SAND icon on the top bar and then BUY SAND. Make sure you switch to the Polygon network before selecting the purchase method.

How can I bridge SAND from the Ethereum network to Polygon?

To bridge SAND from Ethereum to Polygon you can enter the bridge section under your account On the left you’ll see your SAND balance on Ethereum. You can bridge SAND to Polygon by clicking on Deposit.

How does the Ticket system work? How do I get tickets?

The more tickets you have, the more chances you get to win the raffle.

1 ticket = 1 chance of winning the raffle, just like during Alpha Seasons.

What are bonus tickets?

To supercharge the LAND raffle experience for our players, we are rolling out a number of features that offer the opportunity to earn bonus tickets.

Users won’t see bonus tickets in real time, but they will be taken into account on the backend when the raffle runs.

Asset holding
Bonus tickets apply to external collections we partner with. We want to allow their communities to feel welcome in our ecosystem too. If you own an NFT from one of the partners listed in the Infinite Pulse LAND Sale, you will get a bonus ticket at the end of the registration period.

Resilience Bonus
We want to help those who have been trying to purchase a LAND for a long time but haven’t had the chance to yet. Starting with this LAND sale, every time users enter a LAND sale raffle and don’t win, they will get a set number of bonus tickets to use during the next raffle! When a user wins a LAND sale raffle, this number of resilience bonus tickets resets to zero.

Can I join a regular LAND raffle and switch to a Premium raffle (or vice versa)?

You can join both the Premium and the regular raffle lists. Once you get selected for the Premium raffle you won’t be able to switch to the regular raffle (and vice-versa).

How do I know if I won the raffle?

If you win the LAND Sale raffle it means that you have a whitelist spot for minting 1 LAND once the LAND sale starts. Just make sure you log into your account and enter to check when the LAND sale starts.

Account Verification (KYC)

How can I verify my account?

To start the verification process go to Account > Settings > Account Verification or access

All you need is a smartphone (or laptop/tablet) with a camera, an internet connection, a well-lit room and your ID document.

To verify your account you need a Passport, National ID, Driver license or Resident Permit issued by the government can be submitted in your KYC process.

Your document must:

  • Have the 4 corners are clearly visible.
  • Be in a good quality with all information clearly readable.
  • Be valid: the document expiration is not exceeded.
  • Not be handwritten (if your identity document is handwritten, it will be rejected).

Why do I need to verify my account?

The KYC process (Know Your Customer) ensures that a real, physical person is behind the account. It proves that a person is who they claim to be. Required by current regulations, identification prevents a person from carrying out activities in the name of another person, using false documents to commit fraud (e.g. money laundering, identity theft, etc.).

The process consists first in a liveness proof, where we verify you are alive and you are a real person applying for the account verification. Then we require you to upload a document ID where we verify your identity.

Learn more about the Account Verification process here.

I joined the LAND sale raffle but I still don’t have my account verified, can I still win?

No, only verified accounts can win the LAND Sale raffle. You can enter the raffle while your account is under verification, but you will only be eligible if your account gets verified before the raffle starts.

Account verification might take up to 48 hours.

I have more questions about the account verification process (KYC)

You can find more information about the Account Verification process here:

Buying LAND

I won the raffle! How does the “minting” process work?

When the LAND sale starts, users who won the raffle will see a BUY LAND button on the Raffle page.

Users will see the type of LAND they will buy and trigger the transaction. When the transaction is approved, they get a random LAND. Users won’t select which LAND they want to buy.

Do I need to pay for gas fees?

The LAND Sale will be on Polygon, so there are no gas fees.

Can I select which LAND I want to buy?

No, the LANDs will be distributed randomly. Even if you entered the Premium raffle, you won’t be able to pick the LAND coordinates.

If I win the LAND Sale Raffle, can LANDs sell out before I get to buy one?

No, if you won the raffle and purchased your LAND during the buying window then you’re guaranteed to get your LAND.

If I win the LAND Sale Raffle, can I transfer / sell the whitelist spot to another account?

No, if you win a whitelist spot you can not transfer it to another account.

What happens if I buy a Premium LAND and then sell the LAND before receiving the NFT Bundle airdrop?

The NFT Bundle will be sent to the user (wallet) who initially buys the PREMIUM LAND. If that user sells the LAND, the Premium NFTs will still be sent to the original wallet.

I didn’t win the LAND Sale Raffle, Is there any other way to get LAND?

Yes, if you did not win the LAND Sale Raffle you can still get LAND:

  • You can get a LAND through the Second Chance Auctions (If any whitelisted user decides not to buy LAND on the LAND sale)
    Keep an eye on Second Chance Auctions here:
  • Through Secondary Market:
  • Upcoming LAND Sale: Keep an eye on the LAND Sale schedule, there will be more chances to get LAND.

I was whitelisted to buy a LAND but I missed the 24h buying window), what now?

The whitelist spot is only good for that specific LAND Sale Wave. If any whitelisted user decides not to buy a LAND during that wave, all remaining LANDs will be set for auction 24 hours after the LAND Sale ends.

If I win a whitelist spot but don’t buy a LAND, do I get a penalty to join the next LAND sale raffle?

No, there is no penalty.

Premium LAND

Does Premium LAND include a Premium NFT Bundle like previous LAND Sales?

Yes, if you buy Premium LAND, you will get a special Premium NFT Bundle. The bundle will not be included in the initial purchase and it will be airdropped to your wallet after the LAND Sale is over.

What happens if I buy a Premium LAND and then sell the LAND before receiving the NFT Bundle airdrop?

The Premium NFT Bundle will be sent to the user (wallet) who initially buys the PREMIUM LAND. If that user sells the LAND, the Premium NFT Bundle will still be sent to the original wallet.

Is there any chance to pick a brand and join the Premium Raffle?

If you get whitelisted you’ll get assigned a random LAND, depending on whether you won the Regular or Premium Raffle.

If I got whitelisted in a Premium Raffle but I did not buy Premium LAND, what happens to that LAND and Premium NFTs?

Unsold LANDs will be put into auction on OpenSea. If you purchase a Premium LAND Auction on OpenSea the NFTs will be airdropped to you later on.

About LAND

What’s the price of a LAND?

A regular LAND costs 1,011 SAND while a Premium LAND costs 4,683 SAND.

What’s the difference between a Regular LAND and a Premium LAND?

Premium LANDs are located next to a partner’s ESTATE and grant to its buyer several Premium NFTs linked to the LAND sale’s partners. Premium NFTs get airdropped at the end of the sale.

For each wave, users will be able to enter the regular raffle, the Premium raffle, or both. But each user will only be able to win one whitelist spot per wave.

The Premium raffle will run first; if a user wins a Premium LAND whitelist spot and IF that user is also in the regular raffle, the user will be removed from the regular raffle. The regular raffle will run after the Premium raffle.

What does it mean that now LAND is on Polygon?

Hosting the LAND sales on Layer 2 will lower gas fees for each transaction and offer seamless gasless systems through Biconomy. Thanks to the combination of our upcoming raffle system and gasless fees we aim at providing a less frustrating buying experience for our future LAND sales while giving more people a chance to participate.

Learn more about Polygon: The Sandbox is deploying on Polygon

From now on, LAND Sales will be on Polygon?

Yes, all LAND Sales will be on Polygon. Make sure you have your SAND on Polygon ready.

How does the LAND Supply work?

LANDs will be minted upfront so 1 LAND will be assigned to each of the winners when the raffle ends. Winners will be able to buy the LAND during the 24- hour window once the LAND sale starts. After that window, remaining LANDs will be manually set for auction on OpenSea (auctions will begin 24 hours after the LAND Sale ends).


I can’t enter the raffle, it says I need to have 1011 SAND. I checked my wallet and I have 1011 SAND.

To enter the raffle you need to have 1011 SAND on Polygon. Some users might have SAND on Ethereum. If you have SAND on Ethereum you can bridge it to Polygon or you can buy SAND in Polygon directly.

How can I bridge SAND from the Ethereum network to Polygon?

To bridge SAND from Ethereum to Polygon you can enter the bridge section under your account On the left you’ll see your SAND balance on Ethereum. You can bridge SAND to Polygon by clicking on Deposit.

I bought LAND but when I go into the map I don’t see it assigned to my account

After the transaction is approved it might take between 3–10 minutes for the metadata to be updated. Try refreshing the site after 10 minutes.