Maya Water Park NFT Collection

Maya Water Park is the first experience created by the 01a1 team in The Sandbox metaverse! If you also want to turn your land into a tropical seaside resort, then this collection is perfect for you!🌴🌊

The collection is already live! And don’t forget, purchasing an asset from this collection will grant you the “Collector Badge” that unlocks an extra reward of 30 SAND!

The Collection

The Maya Pyramid has been transformed into a water park where drinks, music and BBQ have been set up, so do dangers... Hurry up to join with your sharpest swords and cutest swimsuits.

Floating Crown (left) ; Giant Goldman (middle) ; Mayan Warrior (right)
  • Floating Crown — Hiden in his chest, there’s a gem of truth giving mankinds the purest power, while evil humans should better keep away, as their souls would fall into the underworld dark abyss otherwise.
  • Giant Goldman — The guardian of the Mayan pyramid. His massive build cast from gold gives him great strength and defense.
  • Mayan Warrior — Brave Mayan warriors wearing traditional masks. It is said that they have received Princess Amirah’s intensive acting class for months!
Lisa (left) ; Robot Lucas (middle) ; Princess Amirah (right)
  • Lisa — Lisa is an adventurous girl. Her favorite food is the burgers made by Uncle George!
  • Robot Lucas — The mysterious technology from 01a1 endows Lucas with rich emotions. He has various expressions on a square face and express moods with a screen on the chest.
  • Princess Amirah — Amirah dreams to become an actress. She took her first step in the Maya Water Park by playing as a princess waiting for the brave.
Soda Bottle (left) ; Norse Kraken Shopping Bag (middle) ; 6-scoop Ice Cream (right)
  • Soda Bottle — This soda is too hard to crack! Why not use it to defeat the bad guys? Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology.
  • Norse Kraken Shopping Bag — Norse Kraken shopping bag from the crown’s mysterious souvenir store.
  • 6-scoop Ice Cream — Who can resist this delicious 6-scoop ice cream? The more, the merrier! Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology.
Deep Sea Dried Fish (left) ; Rainbow Popsicle (middle) ; Maya Mask Shield (right)
  • Deep Sea Dried Fish — Deep-sea fish with sharp scales. The Mayans preserved it by sun-drying. Incredible hard. Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology.
  • Rainbow Popsicle — Rainbow-colored popsicle that never melts in the summer. Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology.
  • Maya Mask Shield — Not only used for blocking attacks, it’s so artistically beautiful that your opponants can’t take their eyes off of it. Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology.
Floral Sun Hat (left) ; Target Board Shield (middle) ; Sand Bucket Helmet (right)
  • Floral Sun Hat — Floral sun hat from the crown’s mysterious souvenir store.
  • Target Board Shield — It’s very easy to shoot at this target board. Use it wisely. Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology.
  • Sand Bucket Helmet — Admit it, you wanted to put a sand bucket on your head at least once in your lifetime. Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology.
Octopus Helmet (left) ; Jellyfish Helmet (middle) ; Musical Diving Goggles (right)
  • Octopus Helmet — How does it feel like when an octopus gives you an 8-arm face hug?
  • Jellyfish Helmet — This neon jellyfish will protect you with its elastic tentacles. Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology.
  • Musical Diving Goggles — Fancy some dipsy diving while moving to the beat in the water? Wear these goggles and you will have the best of both worlds! Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology.
Lanternfish Helmet (left) ; Rainbow Puking Mask (middle) ; Jet Fighter Shield (right)
  • Lanternfish Helmet — Put this fish on your head and it will light up the way. Don’t worry, it won’t bite. Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology.
  • Rainbow Puking Mask — Feeling nauseous? You might be able to puke a stream of rainbow in the Maya Water Park!
  • Jet Fighter Shield — The shield of the Jet Fighter suit. Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology.
The Heart of Maya (left) ; Loving Mask (middle) ; Mayan Woven Carpet (right)
  • The Heart of Maya — A giant pearl clam found in deep ocean. The black pearl inside is a legendary treasure treated as the Heart of Maya by Mayans. Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology.
  • Loving Mask — The feeling of love is when someone walks up to you, you suddenly find your heart pounding.
  • Mayan Woven Carpet — A tranditional woven carpet in Mayan style.
Zeppelin (left) ; Mayan Statue (middle) ; Street Bar (right)
  • Zeppelin — Azeppelin with wave pattern. You can put your ads on it.
  • Mayan Statue — A replica of the ancient Mayan statue. The authetic one is stored in 01a1’s museum.
  • Street Bar — The street bar is visitor’s favorite place to drink, eat and have fun!
Burger Shop (left) ; Jet Fighter Hammer (middle) ; Cara (right)
  • Burger Shop — Uncle George’s burger shop where Cara goes every day.
  • Jet Fighter Hammer — The hammer of the Jet Fighter suit. Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology.
  • Cara — Cara likes to travel and exercise, so the Maya Water Park is the perfect vacation spot for her to enjoy both!

About Maya Water Park

Maya Water Park is revived from a historic Maya pyramid where ancient Mayans used for religious and navigation purposes. It’s been abandoned for over 3,000 years, while the creators from 01a1 Studio gave this place a complete makeover and turned it to a tourist attraction full of excitement! Here you can have some nice food and drinks, take a sun bath, and make some new friends. After all, you are highly recommended to go on an adventure to experience the immersive live action ‘Heart of Maya’ inside of this park.

Maya Water Park is playable during The Sandbox Alpha Season 3!

About 01a1

01a1 is based in the 01a1 Town (-48, 108) of the Sandbox. It is constructed to be an artist-leading and artistic-innovation-oriented community, where the goal since establishment has been to voxelize those great works in or beyond our lives, like architectures, films, paints, games and more.

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