Meta Dungeon by RTFTK

This collection is just the beginning of what’s to come… For the moment, welcome to the Meta Dungeon.

The Sandbox
2 min readFeb 28, 2022

Meta Dungeon is one of the experiences that will be availabe during the Alpha Season 2. To celebrate this new entry, RTFKT (the experiences’s creators) is releasing 7 NFTs that are available in the game. The collection will be available on The Sandbox Marketplace on March 15th at 6pm UTC.

About Meta Dungeon: You play as an inhabitant of a futuristic city who has been captured and sent to a totally unknown place. A world of flying cars and robots that are present and aware. During your journey, you’ll encounter several characters and willhelp them dismantle a criminal organization that is using futuristic technologies to carry out their evil plans.

The NFTs

Cyber Human (left) ; Lava King (middle) ; RTFKT Blade (right)

Cyber Human — One of the strongest “human” on earth.

Lave King— The king of apes who fused with the lava.

RTFKT Blade — A sword bearing the effigy of RTFKT.

Primal King (left) ; Lab Mecha (right)

Primal King — The king of apes.

Lab Mecha — Cybernetic Boss.

Cyber Sneakers (left) ; Clone X Poster 01 (right)

Cyber Sneakers — Cool metallic sneakers based on a certain truck design

Clone X Poster 01 — Did you mint it ?

See you on March 15th, 6pm UTC, on The Sandbox Marketplace!