Missing Parts Pack #4

Your favourite otome game is back with another NFT collection! Celsius Studios selected 10 assets to give to your LAND a futuristic look. The fourth pack will be available on May 18th (3pm utc) on The Sandbox Marketplace. In addition to the drop, the Celsius team will be live for an AMA on May 18th at 2:45pm utc. We hope to see you on Youtube, Twitch and Twitter!

The NFTs

Flying Bus (left) ; Flying Robot (right)
  • Flying Bus — You can enjoy the beautiful skyline of Etheria as you ride through the city on these flying buses that do not clutter the city streets.
  • Flying Robot — These little flying robots often hover in groups across the skies of Etheria making deliveries of all kinds.
Ford (left) ; Liana (middle) ; Wrench Sword (right)
  • Ford — Ford is the director of a communications agency in Etheria. He has all the latest technology and often dines with people in high places.
  • Liana — Liana is one of the scavengers of the shanty town near the lake, she came to see how the beautiful city of Etheria is doing.
  • Wrench Sword — This futuristic wrench sword is as useful for repairing heavy damage as it is for inflicting it on your opponents.
Warehouse Computer (left) ; Storage Lamp (middle) ; Shop Shelf 1 (right)
  • Warehouse Computer — The second Ellion’s computer which is in the wharehouse.
  • Storage Lamp — A lamp that emits a warm light to illuminate dark places.
  • Shop Shelf 1 — You can find everything you need for repairs on this shelf.
Warning Poster (left) ; Electricity Generator (right)
  • Warning Poster — A poster that warns potential newcomers about what not to do.
  • Electricity Generator — With this generator, you can supply several devices with electricity and test that they work properly.

See you on May 18th (3pm utc) on The Sandbox Marketplace!




A Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem Made By Players (www.sandbox.game — http://twitter.com/thesandboxgame)

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The Sandbox

The Sandbox

A Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem Made By Players (www.sandbox.gamehttp://twitter.com/thesandboxgame)

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