MTR enters the Web3 era

The next station is — The Sandbox!

The Sandbox
2 min readApr 21, 2022

MTR Corporation is starting its web 3 metaverse journey by partnering with The Sandbox to create new and immersive experiences in the virtual world.

As the first global transport operator to join The Sandbox metaverse, the Corporation will build a railway-focused virtual space to create unique, fun and immersive experiences through gamification with the aim of taking customer experiences to a new arena and engaging creators to build this new community platform together.

By acquiring a plot of land in The Sandbox, MTR aims to further interact with our customers, in particular with the young generation. An immersive virtual station will be built on a plot of land of The Sandbox metaverse. By mimicking and gamifying the physical railway environment, players will be able to enjoy an MTR journey on many levels that stretch the imagination beyond taking a train ride. There will be endless new possibilities including driving a train or even operating a railway station and unlocking exciting adventures in this constantly evolving space. There may also be a railway museum to showcase the moments that MTR intersects with the communities and cultures of Hong Kong. Meanwhile, the Corporation will explore making use of the virtual environment to facilitate STEM education.

As a next step, the Corporation will work with The Sandbox and our strategic partner Collectiv to develop a roadmap and create a virtual station in the metaverse. The experience will be built with strong creative and social elements based on the VoxEdit and GameMaker tools provided to users of The Sandbox, and will be open to the public and allow unlimited creation by players. Stay tuned for this incredible train ride!


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