New Experience Launch with Cuisinia!

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2 min readMay 9, 2024

Let’s Eat Voxel with Cuisinia

Calling all foodies and gamers! Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and test your skills in the Cuisinia x The Sandbox Moodie Challenge! Join us on a delicious adventure as we celebrate the vibrant flavors of Thai cuisine.

Why Cuisinia?

Cuisinia is your one-stop shop for all things food, culture, and digital wizardry. We’re a Web3-born brand passionate about creating a community around the joy of cooking, exploring new flavors, and sharing culinary experiences.

Dive into the Cuisinia x The Sandbox Moodie Challenge:

  • Cooking Game: Put your culinary skills to the test by serving up delicious Thai dishes in a timely manner. Can you appease the hangry octopus and save the Cuisinia festival?
  • Ranking by Score: Compete with fellow players and climb the leaderboard to win exclusive rewards.
  • Step to Win: Join the Cuisinia game and share your high score on social media using #Cuisinia #posting, tagging @Cuisiniaworld, and @TheSandboxThai.

Rewards Pool:

  • 1x Top 1 NFT Moodie (Medium Tier): Be the ultimate champion and claim this coveted prize.
  • 1x 100 $SAND: Fuel your adventures in The Sandbox with this valuable token.
  • 13x Wearable NFT: Spruce up your avatar with these stylish and unique NFTs.
  • Challenge Duration: May 14–26, 2024
  • Rewards announcement: May 30, 2024 at Cuisinia


To enter the rewards giveaway, you must:

  • Complete all the quests of the Experience
  • Have a KYC (verified) account. (Find more info here)
  • Pass the Fraud check (multi-account by IP, device, or blockchain transaction)

Another Challenge: Follow Cuisinia and The Sandbox from May 10 to 12 to celebrate our partnership with The Sandbox and be in the running to win three exclusive Wearable NFTs ( 0.04 ETH). The official announcement will be made on May 13 on Cuisinia social media

About Cuisinia Game on The Sandbox:

In abundant cities, each village participates in a cooking competition featuring the main ingredients of their tribe at Cuisnia festival. However, a problem arises when a hungry octopus emerges from the water and rampages through the gathering, primarily targeting the festival. How will Moodie solve this problem? Let’s meet in Cuisinia cutlury feast.

Join the Cuisinia community and embark on a delicious adventure!

Play Now :

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