NFT project MAUER and The Sandbox announce partnership, bringing the Berlin Wall to the blockchain world

The Sandbox
4 min readDec 14, 2021


MAUER joining the biggest blockchain gaming ecosystem to bring monuments and gamified historical storytelling into the Metaverse.

(Singapore — December 14th, 2021) — MAUER ( is partnering with The Sandbox to bring their Berlin Wall NFT project to the virtual world, adding a layer of gamification and Metaverse utility to the historical storytelling of their NFTs.

The partnership supports MAUER’s ambition to establish a permanent presence in the Metaverse and provide all their NFT holders with an increasing amount of utility along with the unique art pieces. Until today most NFT utilities have been in the real world but this is a great example of utility in the Metaverse. Upon completion, MAUER holders will be gifted special Sandbox assets and get access to special experiences in the game. The project’s home in The Sandbox will be built step-by-step until the NFT collection’s completion in Q2 of 2022. During that time a digital representation of the Berlin Wall will be built and a grand celebration will take place when it is destroyed by players, echoing the true story of the Berlin Wall’s destruction in 1989.

MAUER is getting ready for its second drop of NFTs, December 18th at 23:59 CET. Holders of the first series at that time have the first chance to buy and as a result the collection has seen increased trading on OpenSea, although supply is limited as most holders seem keen to stay invested in the project. The partnership with The Sandbox will likely increase demand for the NFTs even further.

Integration into The Sandbox will also continue MAUER’s aim of affecting real change outside of virtual worlds. 51% of the net revenue goes to charity and this will include everything generated in The Sandbox. The first drop has already generated 105,000 USD for charities, only for the primary market. 5,1% of all secondary market transactions will also go to charities. For the next drop of NFTs starting December 17th MAUER will also work closely with German charity Blind Spots to provide direct aid to refugees. The results will be documented so that NFT holders can see the actual difference made by the project.

MAUER was created by NFT incubator Forza Ikonia. The company released its first NFT with tennis legend Björn Borg during Wimbledon this summer. They have now picked up the pace with near future NFT releases featuring several top tier sport stars, esports teams, music artists and influencers. The goal is to become the Y Combinator of NFTs, releasing at least one new NFT project per month.

The secret sauce is a frictionless first buyer experience which is more than 15 times quicker than traditional NFT platforms like Opensea and Rarible. Forza Ikonia offers a streamlined purchase process with simple card payment and automatic crypto wallet creation. The purchase decision is also made simple by using an eco-friendly blockchain and removing prohibitive gas and minting fees.

”This partnership with The Sandbox gives the holders of our NFT a best-in-class Metaverse utility and lets us tell these amazing stories of the Berlin Wall to the ever growing number of Sandbox players.”, said Patrik Arnesson, CEO of Forza Ikonia and founder of MAUER.

”We’re pleased to welcome MAUER into The Sandbox. We think their historical storytelling will create a deep connection between our virtual world and the physical world, in a way that has potential to draw in a new type of player.”, said Sebastien Borget, COO & Co-Founder of The Sandbox.

Anyone who wants to acquire a MAUER NFT can find information about the second sales round on the website:


MAUER ( is an NFT collection memorializing the Berlin Wall. The collection consists of 10,316 NFTs — one for every day the Berlin Wall stood. Each NFT tells true stories of the wall and how it was built, defended and defeated.

MAUER represents a new class of monument in the Metaverse, enabling people to connect to their history, heritage, and humanity in a digital context.

51% of the net revenue of both the primary and secondary market go to charities that work for freedom, fairness and democracy.

MAUER was created by NFT incubator Forza Ikonia — a frictionless and green technical platform for the creation of NFT concepts with mass-market appeal. Forza Ikonia’s team develops concepts internally, as well as on behalf of third-parties.

Forza Ikonia is a sister company to Forza Football, one of the world’s largest football apps with more than 15M downloads.