NFT superstars are arriving in The Sandbox

NFTSTAR superstar squad will be featured in a Global Sports Village experience in The Sandbox!

Abe Ren, Co-Founder of NFTSTAR notes, “We are excited to partner with The Sandbox metaverse as a way to promote our own brand, celebrities and proprietary NFTs. This collaboration allows us to collectively grow the community of sports, esports, and gaming enthusiasts.”

Sebastien Borget, Co-Founder and COO of The Sandbox says, “Sports are an important part of global culture, and as such it’s a pleasure to welcome NFTSTAR into The Sandbox metaverse as we continue to grow our sports-based experiences and activations.”

Loretta Chen, Co-Founder of Smobler Studios elaborates, “This marks the beginning of an exciting adventure that will include avatars, phygital experiences as well as the creation of a Global Sports Space that will expand into fully playable social hub experiences including a Stadium. To better realize our vision, we are collaborating with our partner studio in South Korea, Fac Bros, as well as Forj, a Web3 solutions provider that delivers authenticated digital-first goods such as their Bored Apes to appeal to non-sports fans.”

Harry Liu, CEO of Forj adds, “When it comes to user adoption and growth in the Web3 space, entertainment and sports will be among the most powerful drivers. We are excited to partner with NFTSTAR, The Sandbox and Smobler Studios in creating a truly unique branded experience in the metaverse that pushes the boundaries for fans.”



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