OliveX x Gym Aesthetics — Gym A Club Avatars Collection

The OliveX Fitness Metaverse is coming to The Sandbox with the goal to bring real-world health and fitness brands into the metaverse.

With strategic partners on board, OliveX is working closely with The Sandbox to create and open an interoperable ecosystem of fitness, combining Dustland Runner and Rider, DOSE and the Fitness Metaverse to make real-world rewards a utility in the digital world.

The Gym Aesthetics Collection is the first NFT project to launch in the Fitness Metaverse, a line of playable and utility-based NFTs which will see Gym Aesthetics turn their brand ambassadors, products and brand, including clothing and apparel, into NFTs for purchase with The Sandbox.

The range of avatars will include exclusive NFT of ambassadors such as Alain Ngalani — four-time Muay Thai World Champion and signed to ONE Championship — which can also provide a future benefit and use to the OliveX ecosystem of apps, offering utility and usage within the Fitness Metaverse land within The Sandbox.

The Fitness Metaverse is providing an opportunity for fitness brands to tap into the blockchain and gaming communities that don’t necessarily interact with fitness in the physical world and opens up a new target audience for partners to engage with. The core principles of the Fitness Metaverse is to expose as many people to health, fitness and wellbeing as possible, with the overall goal of encouraging more people to get physically active.

Utilising the gamification of fitness, OliveX plans to incorporate all its fitness partners, with Gym Aesthetics being the first, into the virtual space to make fitness and health accessible for all.

Once available, the Fitness Metaverse will also play a big role in the OliveX ecosystem, allowing users of Dustland Runner and Dustland Rider the opportunity to utilise their earned rewards — DOSE — to purchase Gym Aesthetics NFTs, avatars, apparel, memorabilia, events and more that can provide extra utility, technical upgrades and the flex of owning some of the rarest items available in the Fitness Metaverse.

Alain (left) ; Joel (middle) ; Sheila (right)
Marco (left) ; Ligia (righ)

Mint details


  • OG Presale — 20th June
  • Whitelisted Presale — 21st June
  • Public Sale — 22nd June
  • Reveal Date — 24th June



Please fill this form for whitelisting: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfRlpG7wVi70zmMtku82LJkcRGkqLzvba78xw6j2Vi8Q8tr9g/viewform


$150 (equivalent to DOSE)

How many can I mint?

OGs and Whitelisted members can mint up to 4 NFTs during the presales. During the Public Sale, all members can mint up to 3 NFTs per wallet. OGs and Whitelisted members can also participate in the public sale.



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