Climate change, air pollution and dealing with waste are a few of many environmental issues that are at the forefront of most world wide leader’s minds. PANGU by Kenal understood it well and decided to take part in shiftting people’s mindset about environmental sustainability.

As a first step towards a better future, PANGU decided to develop PANGU ECOLAND: an eco energy rescue adventure where players need to restore a metaverse and its voxel world. PANGU ECOLAND will be the first sustainable LAND in The Sandbox metaverse. Plus, part of the revenues generated will be used for fundraising to reforest our green areas on our actual planet!

PANGU ECOLAND is inspired by real stories to ignite a stronger connection with our users who are interested in environmental issues and ancient myths. ECOLAND is a well-designed and entertaining game, whose purpose is to ecologically educate players and spark environmental awareness. — PANGU by Kenal

On June 14th (3pm utc), 20+ assets from the PANGU ECOLAND experience will be available for purchase on The Sandbox Marketplace!

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Let’s have a look at the trailer!

The NFTs

Utahensis, The Spirit of Agave (left) ; Klaus, The Agave Dragon (middle) ; Elephant’s Foot

Utahensis, The Spirit of Agave — Agave utahensis is a rosette-shaped agave having blue-green sharp-spiked leaves. It is a rare species of agave. In PANGU ECOLAND, it represents the legendary character of the story and has ancient mystic magic to bring things alive.

Klaus, The Agave Dragon — In various cultures, mythologies, and folktales, Dragon is a powerful creature. Klaus evolved through the mystic powers from the Agaves and developed tough and spiky scales on him. It has become one of the guardians to protect PANGU ECOLAND from being destroyed by the Trencher troops.

Elephant’s Foot — An unexpected guest in PANGU ECOLAND. All those backpacks and boxes on his back are treasures and valuable items he collected through his journeys. If you are lucky enough to see him, remember to have a friendly chat, you may be gifted something useful for your mission!

Boomer Head White (left) ; Boomer Head Blue (right)

Boomer Head (White & Blue) — The Boomers drive nails into wood, to shape metal or to crush rock. Hammers are used for a wide range of driving, shaping, breaking and non-destructive striking applications for human production.

The Drilling Bot White (left) ; The Drilling Bot Blue (right)

The Drilling Bot (White & Blue) — The Drilling Bot is the commander that the human construction team uses for making holes or driving fasteners. It is fitted with a bit, either a drill or driverchuck.

D. Elephantipes (left) ; Pachy The BlackSmith (middle) ; The Priest (right)

D. Elephantipes — D. Elephantipes are the sturdy ones. They camouflage themselves into the green to avoid robot attacks. You may find them looking like a turtle, as they are evolved from dioscorea elephantipes. Some of them help the Wizard transport the minerals and natural resources to formulate magical potions.

Pachy The BlackSmith — Are you looking for a powerful weapon to complete your mission? Go to Pachy — The Black Smith. Find him the materials he need and he will be able to cast you a weapon. If you want something more customized, you may need to trade with something more valuable to make the deal!

The Priest — The Priest is almost certain to make an appearance in work with the ancient wizard, he possesses unusual abilities. He sometimes performs supernatural feats while other animals will be incredibly mundane. If anyone from outside wants to understand more about the PANGU ECOLAND, The Priest is the one you should go to.

Trencher Brown (left) ; Trencher Yellow (right)

Trencher (Brown & Yellow) — Trencher is representing human industrial activities in the forest. The robot’s design is altered by construction machines.

Knuckle Boom Blue (left) ; Knuckler Boom Brown (right)

Knuckle Boom (Blue & Brown) — Knuckle Boom uses its heavy appliance to cut the selected trees, often damaging the surrounding trees.

Miner Blue (left) ; Miner Brown (middle) ; Miner Yellow (right)

Miner (Blue, Brown & Yellow) — Miner is the member of the intelligence alliance, and must be fought along with Trencher and Knuckleboom in the map to help all machines to finish their logging and deforestation. Miner’s main method of attack is waving his laser hammer to kill the spiritual trees.

The Cacti Men N (left) ; The Cacti Men B (right)

The Cacti Men (N & B) — A cactus is a member of the plant family Cactaceae, a family comprising about 127 genera with some 1750 known species! Cacti appear in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Although some species live in quite humid environments, most cacti live in habitats subject to at least some drought.

Shaggy (left) ; Mystical Mushroom (right)

Shaggy — A tiny cute mushroom who is full of energy but poisonous. He is one of the villagers of PANGU ECOLAND. He helps the wizard extract essential materials from the land and turn them into Magical Potions.

Mystical Mushrooms— Mushrooms have historically been associated with magic, partly due to many species having hallucinogenic properties, but also because mushrooms seemingly appear out of the ground from no obvious source. They love to stay around the trees but don’t be fooled by their friendly faces. They can easily get mad and become poisonous if you try to disrupt their living area!

The Smiley Pumpkin (left) ; Oni (middle) ; The Rock (right)

The Smiley Pumkin — A Smile pumpkin can be a cheeky character for most of us. But Pumpkins can be something hot and also represent Thanksgiving. Pumpkins in ECOLAND are friendly neighbors who live with the harvests.

Oni — An anthropomorphic onion. He is polite and timid. He comes to the ECOLAND hoping to make new friends! Oni often works on bringing the wizard ideas to life as well as being the voice of reason of the duo.

The Rock — A villager who always carry a backpack for harvest and crops. He is kind and hardworking. Rock may not have a soft impression to you but he is definitely the most honest person in ECOLAND. You can chat with him and get information about the adventure. He won’t let you down!

HANA (left) ; Flower Boy (middle) ; The Backpacker (right)

HANA — Hana is a small girl with a green round head that has a purple collar on her dress and bright eyes.

Flower Boy — Flower boy is a kind boy with ared round head and big eyes. He always follow Hana in the village and they are best friends.

The Backpacker — The Backpacker won’t carry a poorly-loaded backpack! He always put some natural resources in his backpack to sell them during his next adventure.

Master Eggli, The Village Chief (left) ; Mammillaria (right)

Master Eggli, The Village Chief — Master Eggli evolved from Operculicarya Pachypus, he knows best about PANGU ECOLAND and is the most intelligent one — he can literally answer any questions. He meditates during the day, go talk to the villagers to figure out his whereabouts if you want to pay him a visit.

Mammillaria — As a member of the cactus family, Mammillaria comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Their clumps and flowers on their heads are their significant features.

NFTs’ Utility

Beside looking super cool, theses NFTs will grant you special rewards. Let’s have a look:

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See you on The Sandbox Marketplace on June 14th (3pm utc)!



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