Straight outta the PANGU World!

Let’s have a look at the trailer!

The NFTs

Utahensis, The Spirit of Agave (left) ; Klaus, The Agave Dragon (middle) ; Elephant’s Foot
Boomer Head White (left) ; Boomer Head Blue (right)
The Drilling Bot White (left) ; The Drilling Bot Blue (right)
D. Elephantipes (left) ; Pachy The BlackSmith (middle) ; The Priest (right)
Trencher Brown (left) ; Trencher Yellow (right)
Knuckle Boom Blue (left) ; Knuckler Boom Brown (right)
Miner Blue (left) ; Miner Brown (middle) ; Miner Yellow (right)
The Cacti Men N (left) ; The Cacti Men B (right)
Shaggy (left) ; Mystical Mushroom (right)
The Smiley Pumpkin (left) ; Oni (middle) ; The Rock (right)
HANA (left) ; Flower Boy (middle) ; The Backpacker (right)
Master Eggli, The Village Chief (left) ; Mammillaria (right)

NFTs’ Utility

Beside looking super cool, theses NFTs will grant you special rewards. Let’s have a look:



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