Parisland NFT Collection

The Sandbox
3 min readFeb 13, 2023

Turn your LAND into a dazzling tropical paradise with this collection of 11 NFTs coming straight from the Parisland experience!

From Paris’ love boat to a luxurious set of interlaced love rings, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to own a piece of Paris Hilton’s digital reality show! Two Legendary NFTs are part of the collection. These two exclusive NFTs have very low supply so don’t miss out!

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The Collection

Ether in a Backpack (left) ; Lucky Bouquet (right)
  • Ether in a Backpack — You always need a friend to protect your back. Fortunately, Dolce is there for you!
  • Lucky Bouquet — Talk about rarity… When it’s thrown in the air, everyone wants this bouquet — but it can only belong to a chosen one. Only one person can catch the Lucky Bouquet, so we made it a 1/1 — only one of this will EVER be minted!
Tuxedo Vets (left) ; Wedding Fairy Wings (middle) ; Parisland Flower Necklace (right)
  • Tuxedo Vest — Fashion passes, style stays. Like Paris, you have to have the classics in your dressing room!
  • Weddign Fairy Wings — Take flight toward happiness with these gorgeous fairy wings. Your avatar will look divine!
  • Parisland Flower Necklace — This necklace is ready to welcome visitors to your LAND or give your avatar a lovely tropical allure.
Wedding Veil (left) ; Interlaced Love Rings (middle) ; Flower of Kisses (right)
  • Wedding Veil — Live your wedding day every day. Wearing this timeless and romantic veil, your avatar is sure to shine with love.
  • Interlaced Love Rings — Like two hearts entwined, these rings symbolize an eternal embrace. They shine like a tropical sun!
  • Flower of Kisses — What’s better than sending flowers to your love? Sending a flower that can kiss!
Love Boat (left) ; Love Balloons (middle) ; Love Air Dancers (right)
  • Love Boat — Your heart will go overboard with joy on this boat of love!
  • Love Balloons — What’s a more romantic gift than heart-shaped balloons?
  • Love Air Dancers — Pump up the atmosphere in your parties with these inflatable dancers! They never run out of energy!

Can you feel the love? Get your Parisland NFT NOW!