PCCW and HKT, major Hong Kong-based CMT companies, enter The Sandbox

The Sandbox
2 min readMay 26, 2022


PCCW and HKT have partnered with The Sandbox, becoming the first Hong Kong-based integrated communications, media and technology (CMT) organization to join the metaverse and open a new frontier in the digital world.

PCCW and HKT have purchased virtual land in Mega City, the Hong Kong-inspired cultural hub that recently launched its second phase. As part of their foray into the metaverse, they are set to launch the world’s first virtual 5G mobile network and transform traditional film, TV and music content into a Web3-enabled new form of entertainment.

Watch the trailer now:

As Hong Kong market leaders, PCCW and HKT will introduce new-generation financial and health technologies, plus e-commerce solutions, to build a ‘meta community’, which will deliver an entirely new 5G-enabled entertainment experience.

Their partnership with The Sandbox contributes to Hong Kong’s future as a world center of technological innovation, boosting its competitiveness and creating long-term value. Such collaboration enables PCCW and HKT to explore new business opportunities by creating services that could only be imagined just a few years ago, and plays a role in building the future by joining forces with leading technological brands.

Susanna Hui, Acting Group Managing Director of PCCW and Group Managing Director of HKT, said: “PCCW and HKT are constantly making breakthroughs to remain at the global forefront of innovative technology applications. We are pleased to partner with The Sandbox to enter the metaverse and explore Web3, where we can seize the boundless opportunities manifesting in different aspects of our daily lives.”

Sebastien Borget, COO & Co-Founder of The Sandbox, said: “We’re excited to see PCCW and HKT enter the Metaverse and educate their large 5G and broadband userbase to the innovations from NFT ownership and Web3 gaming. The heart of Mega City’s neighborhood is a vibrant cultural hub where PCCW and HKT can bring more talents, players and content, shaping the future of the open decentralized platform together.”

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