The Quests of Triloga — Jatu Collection

The 4th collection of Paraplui Studio!

The NFTs

Divine weapons were rewarded to the worthy warrior, to complete the shadowless mission. Rumors and legends echo through the bonfire. “Vishna”

Don’t miss out this great collection, see you on July 8th (3 pm UTC)!

About Parapluie Studio

Hello everyone! We are Parapluie Studio from Bangkok-based interactivity, animation, and game development studio. We are making a large project Action-RPG game on our own 12x12 lands. Our game is characterized by the story that we developed from fantasy lore “Triloga”. Adventurers will encounter the legendary monsters and characters to appear as beautiful voxel and mesmerizing as you’ve never seen before. Join the adventure and hunting in our Metaverse in The Sandbox.



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