SandStorm Builders Highlights — December 2022

17 assets crafted by the SandStorm community to celebrate the end of year festivities!🎄

The assets will be added to the SandStorm collection on December 2nd, 3PM UTC.

The Collection

Gingerbread man (left) ; Holiday Antlers (middle) ; Santa Claux NPC (right)
  • Gingerbread Man — Spice up your experience with the Gingerbread Man.
  • Holiday Antlers — Show your festive spirit around by wearing this adorable holiday headgear!
  • Santa Claus NPC — A Santa Claus that give gifts to every children with a good behaviour, on Christmas eve.
Christmas Tree Lance (left) ; Red Gift Box (middle ) ; Christmas Childhood (right)
  • Christmas Tree Lance — A Christmas tree can be a weapon when needed.
  • Red Gift Box — Make it a special moment with this red gift box! This asset work as a container / chest.
  • Christmas Childhood — A scene in pure Christmas style of a child who will receive only coal as a gift.
Xmas Shield (left) ; Snower (middle) ; Santa’s Little Helper (right)
  • Xmas Shield — Let the Xmas Shield help you with your victories and everlasting life.
  • Snower — Let It Snow!
  • Santa’s Little Helper — Let the magic of Christmas invade your metaverse with Santa’s Little Helper, his cuteness will bring joy to your heart!
Enchanted Blizzard Arms (left) ; Elven Christmas Boots (middle) ; Santa’s Hat and Beard (right)
  • Enchanted Blizzard Arms — Armor forged in nature from enchanted snowflakes to protect your arms.
  • Elven Christmas Boots — Wear the boots like a Santa’s helper and spread the joy of Christmas day!
  • Santa’s Hat and Beard — Ho Ho Ho! Are you ready to jump into the holidays as Santa? Equip this Santa’s Hat and Bear.
Christmas Tree (left) ; Snow Globe (right)
  • Christmas Tree — Gorgeous Christmas tree. 3 meter’s tall with an S ornament.
  • Snow Globe — This snow globe brings the magic of Christmas Eve to life as Santa trims a tree during his visit. Enjoy a seasonal tune while your snow globe plays “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” in your metaverse.

SandStorm Builders Contest #15

  • 1st Place: Virtual Paradise — Head to space.
  • 2nd Place: Relaxation Nest Tree House — Clear your mind and fuel your soul by immersing in the Relaxation Nest, surrounded by a mystical ancient tree.
  • 3rd Place: Relaxing Tree — Relax under the tree, see the leaves swaying, calm yourself and let the magic do the rest.

See you on December 2nd (3PM UTC) on The Sandbox Marketplace!



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