ShowCity LAND Sale: Where Stars Are Born

Where every plot of LAND sets the stage for drama, competition, and fame!

The Sandbox
5 min readJul 10, 2024

Where Stars Are Born!

Pack your bags and step in front of the camera, The Sandbox is getting a brand new neighborhood inspired by the thrill of reality TV.

The ShowCity LAND Sale allows you to own and create alongside hit TV shows like Love Island, The Voice, I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, and Gordan Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen. Immerse yourself in a vibrant community where every corner holds a new plot twist, while cameras capture it all. Home to rising stars and celebrities alike, this neighborhood is the ultimate stage for drama and competitions to unfold.

Take advantage of the ShowCity LAND Sale, offering you the chance to live next to some of The Sandbox’s most iconic and exciting personalities. Become a part of the story today and experience the magic of reality TV in a whole new way.

The sale will begin on July 10, allowing players to purchase LAND in yet another desirable neighborhood in The Sandbox. Set your calendars and get ready to live your reality TV dreams!

LAND Sale Specifications:

Ready to call your favorite shows your next-door neighbor?

  • Number of Plots Available: Choose from 296 regular plots and 28 premium
  • Special Features: Earn SAND rewards, exclusive access to events, an exclusive asset pack inspired by the ShowCity LAND Sale’s partners, and tangible rewards like a ShowCity hoodie and baseball cap!


  • Announcement and registration launch: July 10th — 19th
  • Raffle check: July 22nd
  • Raffle Winner sales: July 23rd — 27th
  • Waitlist: July 29th — 30th
  • Auction: July 21st–25th

Meet Your Neighbors

Check out the major reality shows you’ll have a chance to build next to:

Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen

The only thing hotter than the stove in this kitchen is the competition! This reality competition show follows chefs as they battle through intense culinary challenges while trying to win the praise of master chef Gordon Ramsay. Witness the heat, the heart, and the hustle from the comfort of your nearby LAND in ShowCity!

I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

Celebrities love showtime! This reality show follows a group of celebrities living together in a jungle or wilderness setting, facing various challenges and tasks to win food, rewards, and ultimately, the title of King or Queen of the Jungle. Now, they can relax and put their feet up in ShowCity!

Love Island

There’s nothing in life more exciting than love! Love Island documents the journey of attractive contestants as they compete to find love at a villa isolated from the outside world. Their adventures are documented by 24-hour video surveillance and broadcast worldwide. The location of their next villa? ShowCity!

The Voice

A huge stage, a live audience, and a single microphone. It’s time to put on a show! The Voice showcases talented singers from all walks of life as they compete for a chance to win a recording contract. Guided by superstar coaches, contestants perform in blind auditions, battles, and live performances, all aiming for the grand prize. Visit their LAND and become a coach in The Voice Coach Battle Experience!

Don’t wait! Secure your plot in ShowCity and start creating your own unforgettable stories today.

LAND Owners Perks & Rewards

Owning LAND opens up a world of possibilities. Take advantage of the ShowCity LAND Sale to purchase desirable LAND next to popular reality TV shows.

28 Premium LANDs

Want to call your favorite shows your next-door neighbor? Then, these plots of LAND are for you! Premium LANDs are adjacent to each show, ensuring you’re close to the action.

Premium LANDS tend to attract more player traffic, which provides more opportunities for monetization through rentals and pay-to-play experiences. They also come with exclusive assets and potential rewards, making them highly sought-after by collectors and game creators alike!

In ShowCity, Premium LAND owners enjoy exclusive perks that bring the glitz and glamour of entertainment right to your digital doorstep!

  • Baseball Cap — This stylish cap is inspired by the vibrant world of ShowCity.
  • Zip-Up Hoodie — Stay cozy and stylish with this zip-up hoodie featuring the ShowCity logo.
  • Asset Pack — This limited-edition asset pack includes unique NFT props and equipment inspired by the ShowCity LAND Sale’s partners: Love Island, The Voice, Hell’s Kitchen, and I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!.

296 Regular LANDs

Want to join the neighborhood and open to where you’ll live? Regular LAND awaits!

Regular LAND offers unique opportunities for creativity, monetization through rentals and pay-to-play experiences, and exclusive rewards like CATALYSTs.

With a limited supply and strategic locations near major partners, owning LAND provides both tangible and digital benefits like the following:

  • Baseball Cap — This stylish cap is inspired by the vibrant world of ShowCity.

Earn a ShowCity NFT and LAND!

Looking to earn a ShowCity NFT and a shot at a plot of LAND? Complete our Layer3 quest for Creators!

Sign up for Layer3, and follow the instructions in this video tutorial to create and test a scene in Game Maker. Once you’ve verified the quest in Layer3, you’ll get a free ShowCity NFT.

Ten randomly selected NFT holders will get a free LAND once the LAND sale ends!

Note: The ShowCity NFT will be minted and distributed by Layer3 as part of our partnership.

Start the quest here.

Become a Neighbor Today

Don’t miss your opportunity to live in ShowCity. Sign up for the LAND sale raffle today for a chance to win amazing prizes and earn a spot next to your favorite reality TV shows!

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