Sports Lands — Soccer Fans Pack #1

By Hermit Crab⚽

The Sandbox
2 min readNov 14, 2022


A unique collection inspired by the greatest football lovers. A tribute to the most legendary football stars, national teams, iconic moments and passionate fans.

Check out the Sports Land Stadium experience on The Sandbox!

Enter The Sandbox metaverse and play with exclusive NFT collections that feature unique and fun wearables, loaded with passion for football. From monumental statues to animated medals, the Divino collection represents one of the greatest football stars of all time. The stylish hats that represent the 32 participating countries, including the animated premium version. These awesome unique collections emanate all the history, vibration and emotion of this worldwide soccer celebration. Check it out now!

The Collection

77 assets will be available on November 15th (3pm utc) on The Sandbox Marketplace. Get yours now because they’ll be only available until December 18th (3pm UTC). Here is a sneak peek of the various wearables you can get:

Netherlands Fan Hat (left) ; Epic Germany Fan Hat (middle) ; Qatar Fan Hat (right)
Epic South Korean Fan Hat (left) ; Australia Fan Hat (middle) ; USA Fan Hat (right)