Syndicate Black Market — 1st Edition

A Planet Rift Collection.

The Collection

  • Cyber Trendsetter Armour Set — Fashionable, Unisex and capable of combat. What more do you need?
  • Adamantine Armour Set — PURE DEFENSE. Whether a dragon is attacking you or an oversized mech. This set will not falter.
  • Syndicate Assassin Armour Set — An assassin of the night, equipped with a targetting system and dual katanas. Watch your back.
  • Riftwalker Mk I Armour Set — The first ever ‘Ultra Rare’ armour set in Planet Rift.
  • Bionic Arms Accessory — Need a little boost in strength? Power up with these Bionic Arms!
  • Cyberpunk Mecha Wings Accessory — With these fashionable wings, you’ll be the center of attention in any room.
  • Cyberpunk Cat Tail Accessory — Feeling a little… Meow?
  • Vendine Machine (Red ; Green ; Pink) — Will the snack drop or not… let’s find out

About Slum Escape — Planet Saiba Trial 1

Slum Escape — Planet Saiba Trial 1 is the first game experince developed by Planet rift, on The Sandbox Marketplace.
A planet under tyranny needs a trailblazer to light the path of freedom… will it be you?



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