The Carrefour NFBEE Supermarket — Pack #2

Carrefour is back with its second collection of NFBEES! Are you more of a Gentleman Carrot🥕, a Party Mango🥭 or a Lazy Broccoli🥦?

NFBEEs are a family of little cute bees. Each one of them is inspired by a fruit or a veggie that is pollinated by bees, and therefore is at risk of extinction. All the profits go to the BeeFund from the Fondation de France, a french NGO that supports the preservation of bees.

9 new NFBEEs will join the band on September 19th (3pm utc), only on The Sandbod Marketplace!

The Collection

Trendy Cherry (left) ; Cutie Raspberry (middle) ; Sexy Peach (right)
  • Trendy Cherry— Common Cherry pollinator. The Trendy bee is one of a kind. She is a very social bee, who loves to make new friends and be around people! That’s one of the reasons why she pays so much attention to her style! And how can you resist this blue_y look!
  • Cutie Raspberry — Raspberry pollinator. When he gets his deepest purple color, it means its taste is the ripest and the sweetest.
  • Sexy Peach — Peach pollinator. This cutie is just charming, she loves flying and flirting around.
Acide Lemon (left) ; Discret Kiwi (middle) ; Funky Zucchini (right)
  • Acide Lemon — Lemon pollinator. A fragrant NFBEE, don’t be fooled by his bitter face expression, he is a very kind and sensitive cutie
  • Discret Kiwi — Kiwi pollinator. This tart cutie is way too shy, that’s why she always hides under her trendy furry coat.
  • Funky Zucchini — Zucchini pollinator. He is a real music fan: he can fly all day long enjoying his favorite bits.
Gentleman Carrot (left) ; Party Mango (middle) ; Lazy Brocoli (right)
  • Gentleman Carrot — Carrot pollinator. This mustachioed cutie is a friendly NFBEE. He likes flying around and making new friends.
  • Party Mango — Mango pollinator. Who said party? Party Mango is always eager to have fun and set the dance floor on fire!
  • Lazy Brocoli — Broccoli pollinator. This flower headed cutie loves chilling in the sun getting a nice greenish suntan.

Don’t forget to check out the NFBEEs collection and follow the NFBEEs project on Discord!



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