The Dragons of Planet Cambra — NFT Collection

Coming straight from the GMF, Planet Rift is one of the biggest MMORPG experience that will soon join The Sandbox.

While we are impatiently waiting for the experience to be released, the Planet Rift team is putting on sale 6 amazing Dragon-NFTs from “The Dragons of Planet Cambra” collection!

See you on The Sandbox Marketplace on April 6th at 3pm UTC!

About Planet Rift

Planet Rift is an MMORPG, lore and economically driven by it’s players. Meaning; At launch of Planet Rift, the map will be barren, near-empty and undeveloped. It is up to players to work together as a civilization to: earn, survive and grow together in order to evolve Planet Rift aesthetically and functionally.

The NFTs

  • Aquarius the Water Dragon — Aquarius the Dragon of the Sea will drown all those who oppose her in a torrent of water.
  • Greenscale the Earth Dragon — Greenscale crushes its foes in a tangle of overgrowth, its domain is prosperous and green forever.
  • Funaca the Fire Dragon — The Apex predator and sole ruler of Planet Cambra. Anger Furnaca, and face the wrath of Planet Cambra.
  • Azark the Plasma Dragon — Azark The Plasma Dragon fires beams of plasma which disintegrate all who stand before him, ionic power flows throughout his land.
  • Dank Drake the Weed Dragon — Dank Drake is rumored to come from a distant land, sharing his smoky fragrance with partiers as he wanders the metaverse.
  • Cyelus the Cyber Dragon — The most technologically advanced Dragon to exist, Cyelus’s power is derived from machinery and cyber space.

These 6 cool looking dragons will all be available from April 6th (3pm utc), only on The Sandbox Markeplace!



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