The Metaverse is Starting to Open!

The Sandbox
4 min readJul 12, 2023

By the end of the year we will open the metaverse to LAND owners, allowing them to launch their experiences in The Sandbox. Today is the first milestone towards making our platform UGC first.

You can start building the open metaverse today, no matter who you are:

  • LAND owners, if your experience is completed, you can now submit it for early launch approval here.
  • Creators, you can share your experience info with the world and build your community by publishing your very own experience page.
  • Players, get ready for more original content through UGC-powered experiences.

All of these features are the first steps toward enabling every LAND owner to launch their experience on their own before the end of the year.

We know many of you have been working hard to develop your experiences in The Sandbox. With your help, we’ve arrived at the first milestone toward achieving our platform’s vision of a user-centric, open metaverse: we can now share the core details of our first publishing features and help you get started!

Starting today, you can:

Create your Experience Page

Share your trailer, experience description, and more on a dedicated page. Once your experience page is ready, you can share it via a unique URL and start engaging your community.

Publish your Experience Page on the Map

Publishing an experience page on the map will:

  • Make your experience visible on the map at your LAND’s location
  • Enable you to share the experience’s unique URL with players and your community and start promoting it!

Register for early access to launch your Experience

Think your experience is ready to welcome players to your LAND? Submit your experience for early access and, if approved, launch it ahead of the public opening later this fall.

Now let’s take a look at what these features mean for the future of the metaverse…

Publishing brings content to the next level

Since our inception, we’ve continually proven our brand as an innovator fueling the global virtual creator economy. To date, global brands like Paris Hilton, The Smurfs, The Walking Dead, and more are already using our tools to create experiences that resonate with their community. Publishing is incredibly exciting to all in The Sandbox ecosystem because it will empower participants by furthering creative freedom and enhancing diversity in the entertainment and gaming industries.

Launching publishing for creators is a significant step forward for our platform and community members, as it enables our users to create and launch their own experiences in The Sandbox. Publishing is designed to give you more control over your content and to make it easier to get your experiences in front of other players. We anticipate that a much wider variety of content will become readily available to you and greatly contribute to the further growth of our global ecosystem!

What does this mean for players?

As the metaverse opens to UGC, players will have access to increasingly more exciting and diverse content.

By the time we fully release our publishing features, players will experience a steady stream of UGC-powered experiences.

What does this mean for creators?

Starting today, creators can publish their experience page to share and promote it.

Those who own LAND can also publish their page on the map and prepare themselves to show their content to the world.

If you own LAND and you feel that your experience is ready, be among the first to launch it live in the metaverse: apply review and try to get early launch access.

Why publish in The Sandbox?

We are building The Sandbox to be the premiere virtual environment for creatives to own and monetize their content. There are several key benefits to publishing on The Sandbox, including:

  • Control: You have control over what type of experience you want to create, how you want to design it.
  • Grow your own audience
  • Start engaging your community: Get your community excited about your upcoming experience through your experience page, where you can showcase your banners, description, trailers, and tell the story of your journey as a creator
  • Monetize your creations: Prepare to reward your community and monetize your content through NFT gating features — coming soon.

New to The Sandbox and want to get involved? Visit our registration page to create an account and start playing — the time to discover, earn, and create in the metaverse is now!

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