The Multiversity’s “Very Important Beings” NFT Drop

Back to school!

Buy one get one free!

Good news! If you purchase an NFT from the collection from July 29th to August 5th (23:59 UTC) you’ll receive the Street Light NFT for free!

The Collection

The “Very important Beings” pack will focus on the key characters and places you’ll meet during your journey in The Multiversity. Let’s have a look!

  • Orchid — Orchid is one of the three legendary Founders, and head of Wisdom House. She’s the brain of the Multiversity, and has all the answers — but, as she spends much of her time in silent contemplation, getting them out of her can be tricky.
  • Planetarium — A model of the planets, asteroids, and other celestial bodies swirling around the nova spring. If you look closely, with the right kind of eyes, you can find The Multiversity.
  • Orenda — The engine that keeps The Multiversity running, Orenda calmly organises the chaos of campus — she nurtures new students, champions the faculty, and fights the giant mutant killer moths when they get in again.
  • Grimoire — A magical book of infinite secretsThe Grimoire is unlike any other book in the multiverse (it has 12 legs and contains portals to other dimensions, for a start). Orenda’s personal sentient spellbook, it keeps all of The Multiversity’s secrets, and a few of its own.
  • Eve — Eve is the worlds’ leading expert on ancient cosmic history — because of her academic prowess, but also because she was there for most of it. To her, history is a loop, the past and the future are one, time is insignificant — but your essay is still due on Friday!
  • PAL — PALs are unendingly chirpy robot companions, created to keep children company on a faraway world. But the children grew up and left the planet, and now PALs care for Multiversity students instead. They’ll tell you all about it, right after fixing your breakfast.



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