The Pickaxe Master — NFT Collection

Explore. Mine. Earn.

The Collection

Diamond Pickaxe (left) ; Ruby Pickaxe (middle) ; Gold Pickaxe (right)
  • Diamond Pickaxe — The Diamond Pickaxe is also known as the hardest Pickaxe that was ever made. Having a diamond at it’s core, it was designed only for legendary miners.
  • Ruby Pickaxe — The Ruby Pickaxe give to it’s holder an ancient protective aura that can reppel even the most daunting creatures.
  • Gold Pickaxe — The Gold Pickaxe was forged during a rare star alignment, it’s a common belief that it gives luck when used for mining.
Silver Pickaxe (left) ; Iron Pickaxe (middle) ; Wooden Pickaxe (right)
  • Silver Pickaxe — The Silver Pickaxe carries the ancient knowledge of Silver, it creates a barrier against micro organisms, giving an extra defensive power to it’s holder.
  • Iron Pickaxe — The Iron Pickaxe is the most common miner tool, which is vastly used by all types of miners.
  • Wooden Pickaxe — The Wooden Pickaxe is the first known Pickaxe to ever been made, altought it has no real utility, it still holds it’s historic value.
Miner Duck (left) ; Pickaxe Pendant x DDonna (right)
  • Miner Duck — *Quack… Quack… Gold… Quack…*
  • Pickaxe Pendant x DDonna — The Pickaxe Pendant was designed with D-Donna, an Italian Luxury Jewelry brand. It’s made with Gold and Silver and you can wear it on yourself and on your Avatar at the same time.

How to claim your physical Pickaxe Pendant x DDonna?

You have purchased a Pickaxe Pendant x DDonna NFT — You are now eligible to claim the physical version of that pendant!

  • Join our Discord server:
  • Verify your NFT with Collab.Land — Receive the exclusive role and access to a private chat.
  • Open up a ticket with the following information:
    a. Wallet Address.
    b. Full Name.
    c. Postal Address to ship the physical Pickaxe Pendant.
    d. Choose one of the gemstones (3x3mm): Red Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Green Emerald or Black Diamond.
    e. Choose one of the following Gold Finish: Pink Gold or Yellow Gold.
  • We use FEDEX and GLS for shipping — Please confirm that these 2 companies operate in your country/city before purchasing.
    Once you have Claimed the physical Edition of your NFT, we’ll modifiy the status of the ID of that NFT from “To be claimed” to “Claimed” — You can access the full list on our Discord sever to check if a Pickaxe Pendant x DDonna NFT has already been claimed or not.
  • All Pickaxe Pendant x DDonna are handcrafted and unique Jewelry, since the moment the Pickaxe Pendant is claimed it will take 45 days to be crafted and shipped.

The Pickaxe Master NFT Collection will be live on November 30th (3 PM UTC) on The Sandbox Marketplace.



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