The Pororo Game Jam [Closed] + Winners

Meet the Top 10 winners of the Pororo Game Jam!

The Prizes

The prize pool consists of a total of 250,000 $SAND split the following ways.
※Based on Upbit market price (1 SAND = 1,670 Korean won) at 10am on May 30th.

  • 1st place: 65,000 $SAND
  • 2nd place: 30,000 $SAND
  • 3rd place: 20,000 $SAND
  • 4th to 10th place: 5,000 $SAND each
  • Each participant will win 100 $SAND

Important Dates

  • The Game Jam begins on May 30th, 2022.
  • The deadline to complete and submit your entry is the June 12th 2022, at 5:59am UTC.
  • Submissions gathering and voting will take place from June 13th till July 3rd.
  • The results will be announced on the July 9th, 2022.

Important Entry Guidelines

  • Your entry must be designed in the Game Maker software.
  • Your entry can include assets you’ve created yourself.
  • Residents of Japan may only use assets that they have created themselves and the free materials (*) originally included in GameMaker.
    (*These are assets created by SandboxGame and tsb-game-account-1.)
  • Your entry must have some playability (quests, missions you name it).
  • Your entry must be unique and not a direct copy of any existing experiences (similarities are fine, exact copies are not!).
  • Spamming the gallery with a number of low quality experiences just to try and fit into the 4th-10th places may result in all your entries being disqualified.
  • Your entry should only include assets that you either created, purchased or made by The Sandbox.
  • Not completing the submission steps correctly (see below) may result in your entry being ineligible.
  • The judging will be done by The Sandbox’s staff.

What makes an entry valid?

  • Game length should be at least 5 minutes (excluding timed, collection quests).
  • Use at least 25 different assets.
  • Follow the storyline/theme.
  • Experience must be created after the start date (any experiences built for previous game jams cannot be used).
  • The Sandbox staff members have the right to remove any entry as they see fit.

Submitting Your Entry

We will be using the Game Maker “Gallery” feature as a form for submissions. You MUST upload your game to the gallery following the GIF tutorial below and using the title: “PORORO GAME JAM — Game Title

Game Jam FAQ

Who can join the Game Jam?

Anyone who is eligible to create an account at The Sandbox can enter the Game Jam.

How the assets approval process works?

Sending each link for approval is NO longer necessary.

Are teams or studios allowed?

Yes. You are welcome to work independently or as a team/studio of no more than 4 members per team.

Where can I get the Game Maker and/or VoxEdit from?

Here are the official links:

Where can I find guides for the Game Maker and VoxEdit software?

Check out the tutorials page on The Sandbox’s official knowledge base here: It’s super effective, if you are a beginner!

Judging Criteria

The entries are judged on a 100 points scale divided into the following categories:

  • Overall Idea — (25 Points)
  • Level/Game Design — (25 Points)
  • Creativity — (25 Points)
  • Playability — (25 Points)
  • Bonus Points: Wow Factor — (Up to 25 Points Extra)

Useful Links

Pororo Game Jam and NFT drop web page.



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