The Pororo NFT Drop

Pororo and his friends are living in a forest named Porong Porong village covered with white snow and thick ice. They are having fun every day in this village.

One day, they go on an adventure to The Sandbox by TongTong’s magic power! These friends filled with curiosity will be very excited about this metaverse trip.

The Pororo NFTs will be dropped as the Pororo Game Jam is launched to create exciting experiences for Pororo and his friends to spend a great time on metaverse.

The Pororo NFT Drop

Get your hands on the Pororo NFTs that you could use on your game for participating in Game Jam. There won’t be one for everyone so make sure you grab them while you can!

— Date: May 26th (10am UTC)

— How to claim: Create an account on The Sandbox and sign in > Connect your wallet > Go to the drop page > Buy your Pororo NFT

— Note

  • Owning a Pororo NFT is not necessary to participate in Game Jam.
  • Make sure you have enough ETH to pay the gas fees.

The NFTs

Discover 15 amazing NFTs going from Pororo friends to wearable items and vehicles!

Pororo (Legendary)

Pororo becomes a pilot!

  • Pilot Pororo: Meet Pilot Pororo, a very inquisitive little penguin. His curiosity arouses when he discovers amazing adventures. He is very brave to try new things.

Crong Costume Wearables (Rare)

4 costume wearable NFTs for cute troublemaker baby dinosaur Crong!

  • Crong Helmet
  • Crong Chest
  • Crong Arms
  • Crong Legs

Pororo’s friends NFT (Epic)

Meet Pororo’s friends with various jobs!

  • Ice Hockey Petty: Meet Hockey Player Petty, a cheerful girl penguin. This fashionable penguin is good at exercising, so all of her friends envy her.
  • Astronaut Eddy: Meet Astronaut Eddy, a fennec fox who loves to invent things. His inventions cause small and big trouble, but he always presents good memories to his friends.
  • Chef Loopy: Meet Chef Loopy, a sweet beaver who loves to cook. She always takes care of her friends kindly and makes some great food for them.
  • Artist Poby: Meet Artist Poby, a good-natured polar bear who loves helping his friends. He is kind-hearted like his big size and helps his friends first when they are in trouble.

Vehicle (Epic)

  • Pororo Airplane: The airplane that Pororo takes when he is going somewhere. Fly with Pororo to the sky-high with this airplane!
  • Tutu: Tu-Tu is the car who can drive the friends around the village. Have a nice trip with Tu-Tu!

Props (Common)

3 props for decorating Pororo Land.

  • Pororo Glider
  • Pororo Lamp
  • Pororo Bookshelf

The Pororo Game Jam

The Pororo Game Jam will be launched during Pororo’s visit to the metaverse

More detailed information will come on May 30th.

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