The Sandbox “A Glitch in the Metaverse” Game Jam — Winners!

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4 min readJul 22, 2021


We would first like to take this moment to thank each and every single one of you whom participated in the “A Glitch in the Metaverse ” TSB Game Jam! It was our most successful game jam yet with 63 total game submissions ranging in genres from platformers to action packed RPGs. We gave away a total of 63 1x1 LANDs and over 300,000 $SAND (Over $130,000 USD) to creators. It is creators like you that drive The Sandbox ecosystem!

Introducing your game jam WINNERS! But first.. a mashup of participants!

Miss the Awards Live Stream? Check it out!

We had a blast announcing the winners live with some of our expert judging panel! Check out the recap:

Your First Place Winner!

RESPWN by Voxel Blaze, Sandvox, Yungnto, and Sackland69!

Game Overview: You are Glitch. You have accidentally been spawned into a game being created by The Architect. You will need to progress through The Architect’s game by fixing its levels with the help of “Mal” — his seemingly incompetent and buggy sidekick. Complete the levels and find the secrets to escape The Architect’s game and discover the truth of RESPWN.

Winnings: 150,000 $SAND + Game Featured on The Sandbox Game Maker home page. Including one 1x1 LAND!

Second Place Winner!

Transylvania Fair by OvidiuTepes!

Game Overview: Your adventure starts in a lovely countryside area, where villagers advise you against exploring the dark forest at night. Ignoring their warning, you seek help to return home from a witch and fall into her magic spell, taking you to a mysterious, creepy fair hosted by Count Dracula himself. Will you manage to complete all the events and return home alive?

Winnings: 50,000 $SAND Including 1 1x1 LAND!

Third Place Winner!

The Funguys Kingdom by Tuschay!

Game Overview: The Funguys Kingdom Glitch Edition is a farming simulation and role playing game where you help heal and restore the land left over by your grandpa. Along the way you’ll find that not everything is at it seems in the Funguy Kingdom. This game is also serving as a mechanics demo for the upcoming game The Funguys Kingdom. Storyline, visuals, assets, and over all gameplay subject to changes upon development.

Winnings: 20,000 $SAND Including 1 1x1 LAND!

4th — 10th Place Winners!

Each winning 10,000 $SAND and 1 1x1 LAND, congratulations!

Lucid by Kodi Zane: Check it out

The Gateway by Patrick: Check it out

Dorian by Cyber Dragon: Check it out

Lil’ SkwrrlE’s WAR! by GliaICU: Check it out

Sakura Sunrise by Loiloiloi6: Check it out

Wrong Way by Sellanes Gonzalo: Check it out

Block Quest by Tom Briscoe: Check it out

Judging Panel

For the very first time, we expanded our judging panel beyond staff from The Sandbox, and we were very excited and honored to have some video game experts from Ubisoft, Glu Mobile, Uken Games, OhBibi, Paladin Studios, East Side Games, Massive Damage, Lucky Kat Studios and The Nifty Show apart of the jam.

A HUGE thank you to all of the judges involved! We could not have done it without you:

Joel Comm — The Nifty Show
Kay Gruenwoldt — Paladin Studios
Josh Nilson — East Side Games
Hadrien Carpenter — Oh Bibi
Chris Ye — Uken Games
Ken Seto — Massive Damage
Kay Chan — Glu Mobile
Taehoon Kim — nWay Games
Nicolas Pouard — Ubisoft
Phil Elliot — Square Enix
Yoshiteru Yamaguchi
Herdjie Zhou — Lucky Cat Studios

Play the Games!

You can download The Sandbox Game Maker RIGHT NOW and PLAY THESE GAMES in the Game Maker’s Gallery feature! They are all uploaded for you to check out and have fun messing around with!

Tweet us @TheSandboxGame a photo playing them if you do so!

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