The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 Leaderboard Reveal

The winners of the leaderboard have been revealed. Congratulations to all our players!

The Sandbox
2 min readNov 29, 2022

Alpha Season 3 wrapped up on November 1st, and turned out to be our biggest season yet. It’s been the opportunity to showcase lots of experiences that our community and partners have been building over the past year.

It’s also been the opportunity for us to test out new play-and-earn mechanics, not least of which is our new Leaderboard feature. After a few delays to enable our team to gather feedback and work on improvements, we are ready to announce the results.

We are truly grateful to players who engaged in this new feature and invested hours in its integration. We have taken some time to investigate the Leaderboard rankings to prevent as much fraudulent activity as possible, and to avoid bots & engines being rewarded.

And now without further ado… We are happy to present to you the official Leaderboard ranking of the Alpha Season 3 and associated rewards, starting with the top 10 below:

Didn’t make it to the top ten? All 10,000 winners can be found here.

Reward claims are open to the users in the list linked above; claim your rewards today!

How to claim?

  • Connect to your account in The Sandbox
  • Select the CLAIM page in your Profile
  • The leaderboard claim option will appear

We wish to thank you for your patience as our team took extra time to ensure a cheater-free ranking of the Alpha Season 3 Leaderboard.