The Sandbox announces partnership with CJ ENM

The metaverse is filled with diverse and inclusive content.

The Sandbox
2 min readJul 7, 2022

We’re proud to announce our new partnership with CJ ENM, a global entertainment content leader, to introduce diverse content for generation Z all over the world in the metaverse.

CJ EMN plans to expand its content in the virtual world and introduce the users to experience it in a more direct way. At the same time, a new type of fan-participatory service will be provided combining real-life and virtual experiences, i.e. showcase of CJ ENM content user’s activity in the metaverse within the television programs.

Additionally, The Sandbox and CJ ENM will be collaborating to build a “K-content metaverse” using its Intellectual Property (IP) of globally popular television series and movies for users to try new types of experiences.

“We’re proud to be the partner of South Korea’s leading content company CJ ENM,” said Cindy Lee, CEO of The Sandbox Korea. “CJ ENM covers all kinds of genres; dramas, movies, entertainments, musicals, etc. This diverse content will enrich the metaverse with many enjoyable experiences.”

“We will carry out various metaverse-related projects starting with our partnership with The Sandbox,” said Sang Yeop Kim, Head of Content R&D Center of CJ ENM. “CJ ENM will provide a new level of experience where users get to make their own content as the creators.”

About CJ ENM

CJ ENM is the №1 total content company creating culture and trends. CJ ENM is the product of CJ’s ONLYONE spirit and has been created through the tireless efforts CJ has undertaken in the broadcasting, movie, music, live entertainment, and game industries over the past twenty years. CJ ENM converges content across diverse genres to maximize synergies and produces new content that enables ‘one source for multi-use. CJ ENM works tirelessly to be the best content company in the world and spread the culture and trends that they create to perpetuate the spread of Hallyu globally.