The Sandbox Belonging Week 2

All players are invited to express themselves freely in the Valley of Belonging

The Sandbox
3 min readJul 21, 2023

Welcome to the second edition of The Sandbox Belonging Week — we’re so excited to celebrate with you!

Starting July 24th and running until August 7th, all are welcome in this activation dedicated to the uniqueness and differences found across our global community of players, creators, builders, and collectors!

Here’s how you can make the most of this wonderful time.

Five Vibrant Experiences are Ready for Exploration

Throughout this activation, we encourage everyone to take in all Belonging Week has to offer by diving into these five experiences:

The Valley of Belonging II (Hermit Crab Game Studio | Multiplayer)

Bigger quests, secrets, prizes. Protect the city, relax with ALO Yoga, and explore art at the museum.

Baby Yors — Social Hub (GATS | Multiplayer)

Step into the Baby Yors Experience — a retrospective of his art in our metaverse featuring exclusive premieres, quests, parties, and voxel recreations of iconic music videos.

Healverse (Metaverse Studio)

Enter a virtual realm where your actions have real-world impact and unite with 5 legendary healers — the guardians of Earth’s living systems — in this pivotal moment for our planet. Let’s play to heal!

WoW Museum (Nabiya | Multiplayer)

Explore the WoW Museum for Belonging Week and WoW’s 2nd-year anniversary. From iconic artworks to a space that unites us, celebrate how we’re immortalizing our impact on the blockchain, together.

Club XYZ feat. Blond:Ish (The Sandbox)

Club XYZ just got a new VIP: BLOND:ISH! She’s dropping new tracks, so get ready to hit the dance floor and show off your best moves!0

Secure a New People of Crypto Avatar to Get Decked out for The Festivities

As a part of Belonging Week, we’ve teamed up with People of Crypto to launch a new Avatar collection dedicated to allowing players to enter the metaverse as glamorous and fashionable superheroes that continue to make The Sandbox a safe space for all.

By minting a Unity Squad avatar you will support two organizations doing amazing work:

Forbidden Colours: They advocate and support projects to create positive change for LGBTIQ+ communities in Europe, focusing on integration, education, health and work.

Outfest: They create visibility to diverse LGBTQIA+ stories and empower storytellers, building empathy to drive meaningful social change.

Each avatar has special rewards including wearables, surprises, and access to avatar holders from the previous season. Meet and join the guardians fighting to save the Valley of Belonging!

The Valley of Belonging needs YOU. Accept the challenge and join the Unity Squad!


Celebrate Inclusivity and Earn Coveted Prizes

This wouldn’t be a The Sandbox event without the opportunity for participants to earn some awesome prizes! Here’s what we have in store for players who complete our quests:

  • The Unity Squad Avatars — 70k SAND Shared Pool
  • People of Crypto Avatars— 70k SAND Shared Pool
  • Open to all — 40k SAND Shared Pool

Jump into The Metaverse

New to The Sandbox and want to get involved? Visit our registration page to create an account and start playing — the time to discover, earn, and create in the metaverse is now!

For more information, please visit and follow our Twitter, Medium, and Discord to stay in sync with our latest updates.