The Sandbox Brings Players Closer to the Brands They Love With the K-Verse: Eternal Fandom LAND Sale

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5 min readMar 27, 2024

Made for Fans

One of the most popular neighborhoods in The Sandbox is getting a new addition. On March 27, the K-Verse: Eternal Fandom LAND sale will begin, allowing players to purchase LAND in yet another desirable neighborhood in The Sandbox. This marks The Sandbox’s third Korea-themed LAND sale as we continue to provide content to one of our most enthusiastic communities.

This third wave of Korean culture features some of our biggest partners yet. Brands include Korean media favorites like Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Solo Leveling, and Second Life Ranker. Girl group TripleS, television show Running Man, and major cosmetics brand Amore Pacific round out the group of over a dozen IPs that players can expect to become neighbors with.

The Sandbox K-Verse: Eternal Fandom will be a new and creative space meant to bring fans closer to the brands they love. Anyone can play freely in their favorite online metaverse while being neighbors with these popular IPs. The proximity to such beloved and inspiring brands in The Sandbox is sure to spark creativity and empower players to create their own game worlds!

Buy your LAND today to begin building in one of The Sandbox’s most desirable neighborhoods.

K-verse: Eternal Fandom LAND

Seven Korean brands and four partner studios’ LANDs have been unveiled in The Sandbox!

LAND Sale Schedule

🔹 Raffle Sign-up: March 27 at 11 a.m. to April 9 at 3 a.m

🔹 Raffle Result Announcement: April 12 at 11 a.m.

🔹 LAND Sale: April 12 at 12 p.m. to April 16 at 11 a.m

🔹 Estate Auction: April 12 at 12 p.m. to April 16 at 12 p.m

🔹 Waitlist Sale: April 17 at 12 p.m. to April 18 at 12 p.m.

  • UTC +0

LAND Sale Event

Don’t miss out on the amazing perks of this LAND Sale! Join K-Verse 3: Eternal Fandom for your chance to be one of the lucky winners!🎁

1️⃣ NFT drop for all LAND owners from all previous K-verse sales

2️⃣ Ten lucky Eternal Fandom LAND purchasers will win a Ledger giveaway
🔹 Once you’ve purchased a LAND, simply fill out the Google Form to join the event!

3️⃣ One lucky Premium LAND purchaser will receive a 3x3 Estate giveaway

Number of LANDs

A grand total of 529 LANDs are located in K-verse: Eternal Fandom neighborhood.

Regular LAND

  • 1,011 SAND (Polygon)
  • 232 Regular LANDs across seven partner areas in the K-Verse 3: Eternal Fandom neighborhood.

Premium LAND

  • 4,683 SAND (Polygon)
  • 46 Premium LANDs right next to major partners
  • Upon purchasing Premium LAND, you will also receive a Premium NFT.

Estate Auction

3x3 Estates will be auctioned in OpenSea:

  • K-Verse 3 Eternal Fandom LAND Sale — Estate S 3x3 [101,15]

  • K-Verse 3 Eternal Fandom LAND Sale — Estate S 3x3 [99,24]

  • K-Verse 3 Eternal Fandom LAND Sale — Estate S 3x3 [109,27]

  • K-Verse 3 Eternal Fandom LAND Sale — Estate S 3x3 [115,21]

  • K-Verse 3 Eternal Fandom LAND Sale — Estate S 3x3 [115,9]

  • K-Verse 3 Eternal Fandom LAND Sale — Estate S 3x3 [109,6]

Premium NFT

Premium NFTs will be distributed upon the purchase of Premium LAND, adjacent to Otherworld, Astory, SBS Contents Hub, and Amore Pacific.


  • Kasaka’s Poison Fang: It is the dagger that Sung Jin-Woo obtained by defeating Kasaka, the final boss of the Hapjeong Station gate, in the webtoon “Solo Leveling.”
  • Statue of Otherworld: This is a legendary statue representing Otherworld, featuring characters from ‘Second life ranker’, ‘Solo Leveling’, ‘Tomb Raider King’, among 26 webtoon IPs.”


  • Killer Whale Hat: Woo Young-woo’s favorite killer whale is now available to wear on your head. Get a unique experience of seeing the world through the mouth of this cute killer whale.
  • Scenery with a Hackberry tree: Woo Young-woo and Lee Joon-ho enjoy a relaxing moment under a hackberry tree while listening to a violin play. Recreate this famous scene from the drama by placing this iconic hackberry tree and characters in your XP.

SBS ContentsHub

  • Running Man Shoes: Step into the world of urban adventure with these exceptional shoes designed for real-action variety.
  • Running Man Logo: Immerse your space in the spirit of Running Man in The Sandbox! Specialize your LAND with the dynamic Running Man.


  • Amorepacific Beauty Bow: This bow symbolizes ‘beauty’ for Amore Pacific, a global beauty enterprise. Featuring the company’s signature Amore Blue tone and a floral design, this bow is an item that assists in expressing your own unique beauty.
  • Amorepacific Headquarters: The headquarters of Amore Pacific, a global beauty company, is located in Yongsan, Seoul. The building, designed by architect David Chipperfield, who has won the Pritzker Prize often referred to as the Nobel Prize of Architecture, embodies a harmony between nature and structure, inspired by the modest beauty of Korea’s traditional moon jars.