The Sandbox Celebrates First-Ever Sandies Awards at The Global Creators Days in Hong Kong on 3 November 2023

The Sandbox
4 min readDec 1, 2023

In a landmark event, The Sandbox hosted its first-ever Global Creators Days, marking a significant milestone in its journey. This event was a celebration of the platform’s vibrant community of creators and the incredible achievements they’ve fulfilled.

At the heart of The Sandbox’s success are over 140 Trusted Partners, a network of creative studios and developers actively engaged in building on the platform. These partners are instrumental in bringing new players into a world brimming with creativity and fun. Their efforts have fostered an environment where players can immerse themselves in a multitude of experiences, each uniquely crafted and offering a different slice of digital immersion/adventure.

2023 has been a year of exceptional growth for The Sandbox. The platform saw an impressive influx of over 5 million new wallets, indicating a surge in user engagement. Players are spending an average of 62 minutes daily, exploring over 300 published experiences. This level of engagement underscores the platform’s success in providing a rich and diverse array of digital realms for players to explore.

Studios have already been showcasing the effectiveness of their work for Brands & IPs over world renowned prizes, such as Bem Builder which won with NFBees Carrefour two prestigious awards, a Bronze Trophy with Cannes Lion d’or as well as a Bronze for the Clio awards.
Other studios such as Swipe Back won a Gold at the Strategies Grand Prix of digital, in the Augmented Experiences / Web3 category with the School of Block project, completed with Ledger.

In recognition of the contributions made by these studios, it’s now time for The Sandbox to introduce The Sandies Awards. This initiative is more than just an award ceremony; it’s a celebration of digital creativity and innovation. The Sandies Awards acknowledge the sheer volume of gameplay that has taken place on the platform — over 900,000 hours played and more than 39 million quests completed. It’s a testament to the compelling content that these creators have developed, engaging players in a world of endless possibilities.

What are the Sandies Awards?

The Sandies Awards are designed to showcase the best of what The Sandbox has to offer. Each creator in The Sandbox brings their unique vision to life, building games that reflect their goals, values, and creativity. This diversity is what makes The Sandbox a unique and engaging platform. The first edition of The Sandies Awards featured 13 categories, each highlighting a different aspect of the digital experiences available on The Sandbox.

The awards included categories such as the Most Popular Brand, Music, Movies & TV, Sport, Fashion, Cultural, Educational, Social & Environmental Impact, Platforming Game, Adventure Game, and Game Jams Experience. Additionally, there was a special Community Choice Experience award, reflecting the preferences of the platform’s active user base.

One of the key features of The Sandies Awards was its inclusive voting process. Each category had three nominees, and the community played a pivotal role in deciding the winners. This approach not only engaged the community but also ensured that the awards reflected the true preferences of The Sandbox’s diverse user base. (see the inauguration here)

Find below the 2023 Creators Day Sandies Awards winner:

  • Most Popular Brand Experience of 2023: McNuggets® Land — McDonald’s HK x Pangu by Kenal
  • Most Popular Music Experience of 2023: Boys Planet (CJ ENM)
  • Most Popular Movies & TV Experience of 2023: Tsubasa Land — Captain Tsubasa by Studio 51
  • Most Popular Sport Experience of 2023: Sport Land by Hermit Crab
  • Most Popular Fashion Experience of 2023: Gucci Motor Race — Gucci
  • Most Popular Cultural Experience of 2023: Songkran Splashed by Parapluie
  • Most Popular Educational Experience of 2023: School of Block — Ledger by Swipe Back
  • Most Popular Social & Environmental Impact Experience of 2023: NFBees — Carrefour by BEM Builder
  • Most Popular Platforming Game of 2023: Lolympics by Alcy
  • Most Popular Adventure Game of 2023: The Omega by Dequest
  • Most Popular Game Jams Experience of 2023: Floor is Cake by Tuschay
  • Most Popular Avatars Collection of 2023: Paris Hilton
  • The Community Choice Experience of 2023: School of Block — Ledger by Swipe Back

As The Sandbox continues to grow and evolve, events like The Sandies Awards and Global Creators Days are pivotal in fostering a sense of community and collaboration among creators. These celebrations not only honor the achievements of the past year but also set the stage for future experiences in The Sandbox.