The Sandbox is back online with brand new experiences!

The Sandbox
2 min readJul 17, 2023

After a full throttle start to the year filled with epic new memories, we took a quick break to prepare new thrilling in-game events for our players.

We’re done fine-tuning features and ready to take your gaming experience to the next level!

Curious about what we’ve been working on? While we can’t say much at this time, we can tease a few upcoming events…

Coming soon to The Sandbox are events launching from our partnerships with ZeptoLab, creators of the Cut the Rope series, and the return of The Lost Wallet, an interactive 24 quest treasure hunt with the chance to win your very own CryptoPunk. We look forward to also welcoming players to welcome you to The Sandbox Belonging Week 2023, as well as more playable experiences in partnership with world-renowned partners! Be sure to subscribe to our Medium to stay updated on all of these upcoming activations!

Also check out all the new experiences from our community of amazing builders, thanks to our brand new publishing features.

Outside of new experiences, we’ve also been working on launching further improvements to Game Client 0.8, which pausing events gives us the opportunity to do! Game Client 0.8 marks a significant milestone in gaming technology, revolutionizing the way players engage with their favorite games. This new update will introduce a host of exciting features, enabling users to delve into more immersive experiences than ever before. From breathtaking visual effects to improved gameplay mechanics, Game Client 0.8 sets the stage for a whole new level of gaming excitement.

We’re grateful to all who continue to immerse themselves in all the extraordinary experiences that The Sandbox has to offer, and apologize for the pause in the action — your patience will be well worth it!

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