The Sandbox is partnering with Chain Games

We’re happy to announce this partnership highlighting an integration of Chain Games developed in-game NFTs into The Sandbox metaverse experience!

About Chain Games

Chain Games™ is an evolution in Web 3.0 blockchain gaming, combining smart contract-based contests with state-of-the-art gameplay. Chain Games’ products are fully ERC-20, Ethereum, and Polygon compatible. SmartContests™ is an industry-first contract-based competition system where players can compete in games of skill to earn token-based winnings. Super Crypto Kart is the first blockchain-integrated game to utilize the Chain Games SmartContests™ Gaming Contracts. Super Crypto Kart is a cross-platform kart-based racing game that will be available in The Sandbox Multiverse, along with other games such as CHAINO, Solitaire Plus, Goobers: Battle Obstacle Arena, and additional titles that are currently in development.



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