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… And you never need to wake up!

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5 min readNov 23, 2022


The Sandbox is excited to welcome you to a new neighborhood. This new corner of the be unveiled in the metaverse on November 24th at 3PM UTC!


  • The California Dreamin’ raffle sign up will start on November 24th at 3:00 PM UTC and end on November 28th at 3:00 AM UTC.
  • 237 LANDs will be for sale.
  • 68 Premium LANDs will be sold with a bundle of exclusive NFTs.
  • 7 ESTATEs will be auctioned via OpenSea.

How about becoming a LAND owner near Tony Hawk’s skate park or FaZe Clan’s arena? This LAND sale is your chance to live the California dream life, one step away from the legendary Snoop Dogg, The Walking Dead zone and the heart of the map.

Join the Raffle on November 24th, 3pm UTC!

New Raffle Process

California Dreamin’ will be our first LAND sale implementing the new raffle system. Here are the key takeaways:

*LAND Sale Second Chance Auctions supply will depend on how many whitelisted users decide not to buy LAND.

To know everything about the new Raffle system, check out our F.A.Q.

Featured partners

Surround yourself with creative, relaxed and brilliant neighbors. Before the wave goes live, how about an introduction of the California Dreamin’ area and it’s residents?

Faze Clan

They had what it takes to be the best and challenge the world: FazeClan. Now, you are invited to become part of the team that revolutionized esports. Learn their advice on NFTs, experience unique rides, and understand their culture and influences. Ready in 3…2…1…go!


Looking for the most playful and sophisticated lifestyle in the metaverse? Welcome to the home of the future Playboy MetaMansion! Playboy has hopped into The Sandbox to bring a virtual reimagination of the legendary Playboy MetaMansion to life in true Web3 fashion. Join the Playboy Rabbitars, Playboy’s VIP Web3 community, in building a judgment-free, egalitarian experience in which all people (and all avatars!) can freely pursue pleasure.

Please, note that owning a Playboy Rabbitar will grant you 5 Raffle Tickets. (Owning multiple Playboy Rabbitars will still grant you 5 tickets. Playboy Rabbitar NFTs will only grant Raffle tickets on California Dreamin’ LAND Sale. Check Playboy Rabbitars Official at OpenSea:

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk is building the biggest skatepark in the metaverse, and you’re invited to experience it!” Enjoy some of skating’s most iconic locations, try new tricks, and learn about skateboarding history in these exclusive experiences!

The Marathon

Welcome to the universe of The Marathon City and Nipsey Hussle in The Sandbox. Part street party, part concert venue, it’s a space of sharing. This very special Web3 neighborhood evokes the key locations of Marathon City and traces the arc of Nipsey’s rise to success.

Fancy becoming neighbors with any of these? You have until November 29th (3am UTC) to sign up for the raffle!

LANDs and ESTATEs Auctions

*1x1 LANDs and ESTATEs auctions will open on November 29th, 12:00 PM UTC to November 30th, 12:00 PM UTC.

Premium NFTs

Premium LANDs are located closest to partners but they also come with a bundle of Premium NFTs. For this LAND sale, you will have the chance to become of the owner of exclusive NFTs with the purchase of a Premium LAND!

A new LAND Sale process

For more details about the LAND sale Raffle process, please refer to the video below and consult our FAQ.

The californian way of life is calling you! Don’t miss this chance to join a great virtual neighborhood. See you on November 24th (3pm utc) in the metaverse!



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