The Sandbox partners with Code Green

The Sandbox is proud to announce its partnership with Code Green, a Web3 non-profit foundation supporting social, climate, and gender justice

Code Green’s origins go back to the worldʼs largest environmental movement — the Great Green Wall. A project led by the African Union, initially conceived as a way to combat desertification in the Sahel region and hold back expansion of the Sahara, by planting a wall of trees stretching across the entire Sahel.

Code Green CEO, Inna Modja, already helped raise $19 billion for the project as a UN Ambassador and protagonist of a multi-award winning documentary.

Powered by a belief in the dual forces of art and blockchain technology to
disrupt the world of philanthropy; Code Green is already shaking up the space with major partnerships including World of Women, the World Economic Forum, the United Nations and now, The Sandbox.

With a long-term vision to create Code Green XGOOD-DAO — to support
innovative, grassroots organizations and initiatives around the world and the
Web3 space; This new partnership with Code Green is a unique opportunity to create a metaverse equivalent of the Great Green Wall and grant funding to educate Web3 users to climate issues and empower citizen-led justice solutions for the planet. In addition, a NFT collection called “HEAL” is on the way. For each NFT sold, one tree will be planted on Earth, one person will get access to clean water for life. A portion of the proceeds will go to fund the Code Green XGOOD-DAO.

Don’t forget to follow Code Green on Twitter and stay tuned for more updates on their project inside The Sandbox.



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