The Sandbox, partners with Cube Entertainment for developing metaverse business

The Sandbox
3 min readMar 2, 2022


  • The Sandbox partners with Cube Entertainment to expand business in the metaverse;
  • K-Culture complex space will be created in LAND owned by Cube.

We’re happy to announce our new partnership with Cube Entertainment to spread K-Culture (Korean culture content) globally with operating virtual space and developing digital assets.

This partnership focuses on the detailed collaboration for business expansion regarding metaverse and NFT, which began with the establishment of ‘Anicube’, a new joint venture between Animoca Brands which is the parent company of The Sandbox and Cube Entertainment.

This partnership event was attended by the executives from both sides; Sebastien Borget (Co-founder of The Sandbox), Yohan Lee (Director of The Sandbox Korea), Cindy Lee (Director of The Sandbox Korea), Kang Seungkon (CEO of Cube Ent.), Ahn Woohyung (CEO of Cube Ent.) and so on.

(Left) Sebastien Borget, Co-founder of The Sandbox / (Right) Ahn Woohyung, CEO of Cube Ent.

The Sandbox and Cube Entertainment will bring various companies and hold events to introduce Korean culture in the metaverse with businesses entitled not only to K-POP but K-Culture as well.

K-Culture complex cultural space will be created in the LAND owned by Cube Entertainment as a first step. Users from all over the world can experience Korean culture easily in this blockchain-based virtual space.

The Sandbox will provide the technical support for spatial projection and implementation while Cube Ent. will prepare K-Culture content through multiple partnerships with Korean companies. Affiliated artists in Cube will join to promote this space.

“Cube is truly embracing the spirit of the open Metaverse by moving one step further into The Sandbox via its K-culture hub, where it is actively curating local brands and partners of their main K-POP label and offering them presence into The Sandbox through its own lands” said Sebastien BORGET, COO & Co-Founder.

“We are about to play the leading role to spread Korean culture around the world in the metaverse, the key of the fourth industrial revolution through this partnership with The Sandbox, “and “Thanks to the global K-POP wave, Korean culture known as ‘K-Culture’ itself will have a powerful influence in every sector. We are planning to introduce this K-Culture with great potential to global users in a new space called metaverse. We hope our efforts of partnership with various domestic companies for virtual space in The Sandbox to create unique K-content” said Ahn Woohyung, CEO of Cube Entertainment.

In the meantime, The Sandbox Parent Animoca Brands is planning to promote not only K-POP but entire K-Culture with the goal of continuing business alliances in metaverse included in the Animoca Brands ecosystem through their new joint venture, named AniCube Entertainment.

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