The Sandbox partners with mm2 Group to create content-themed world in the metaverse

The Sandbox
2 min readJan 17, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with the Singaporean web3 company Metaviva, a subsidiary of regional media and entertainment company mm2 Entertainment (“mm2”) to build a virtual playground in The Sandbox gaming metaverse around mm2’s IP’s.

“We are honoured to be in partnership with The Sandbox, joining over 200 existing brands and IP’s in their metaverse. We are also proud to be representing Asian content from the region, and excited to create Asian content-oriented experiences for anyone to explore. For example, we are in talks with filmmakers to create alternative endings to their upcoming films for players to find and
experience only in the metaverse. Fans can visit and play through the scenarios to explore the what-if’s in a film’s story. This opens up a plethora of new possibilities for storytelling and fan engagement,” says Chief Content Officer of mm2 Entertainment, Mr Ng Say Yong.

Metaviva and mm2 will take ownership of a 6x6 voxel plot of LAND to offer players interactive experiences featuring extensions of real-world content including films, drama series, sports and music. Players will be able to visit virtual film sets, access locked content, play games and engage with other fans in the metaverse.

“Our partnership with The Sandbox will allow us to explore new frontiers in the entertainment industry as well as keeping people engaged beyond what we can currently offer. With this partnership, we will be looking to bring the physical and digital worlds to people, to entertain them and to do our part in developing the next generation of budding talent for content creation for the metaverse,” says Head of Web3 and Metaviva, Mr Darren Ho.

Under the partnership, The Sandbox will work with Metaviva and mm2 to develop innovative experiences taking place on the Metaviva LAND. These immersive experiences will enable filmmakers and talents to engage with their fans, as well as promote upcoming films and generate new revenue streams and new forms of virtual entertainment.

“The metaverse is a great way for new types of storytelling to take place, allowing for players and fans to engage with their favourite content in a whole new way. They could potentially be a part of the story instead of just being a viewer. This partnership will give us the opportunity to do so with some exciting IPs well loved by those within the region and internationally and we’re excited to work long term with mm2 and Metaviva to realise this vision,” says Head of Singapore for The Sandbox, Mr George Wong.

Stay tuned for more updates!