The Sandbox Partners with SHIFT UP, Ushering New Experiences From Popular Mobile Title, Destiny Child


  • Destiny Child NFTs in voxel form will be introduced to The Sandbox metaverse;
  • Players will be able to create their own content using these purchasable Destiny Child NFTs;
  • The Sandbox metaverse will expand with Destiny Child’s characters and story elements on SHIFT UP’s new LAND.

We’re happy to announce that we have partnered with SHIFT UP, one of the top game developers in Korea. SHIFT UP will bring experiences from its popular Destiny Child IP in voxel form to its own dedicated LAND in The Sandbox metaverse. Players will be able to purchase NFTs to create a variety of content, including games, amusement parks, home parties, social events and more.

We welcome SHIFT UP to The Sandbox metaverse.said Cindy Lee, Head director of The Sandbox Korea. “Destiny Child’s fans can encounter brand new experiences that expand beyond gameplay in The Sandbox.”


SHIFT UP is a leading game developer with its original design and development technology. The company was founded in 2013 by one of the best art directors in Korea, CEO Hyung Tae Kim.

Destiny Child, a mobile narrative Collectable Character Game (CCG) known for its high-quality illustrations and diverse characters, ranked first in Google Play and App Store when it was launched in October 2016. The IP universe continues to grow with partnerships across games, comics, stores, and others and is now expanding into the metaverse.

We are pleased to collaborate with The Sandbox, the leading metaverse platform,said Jackie Lee, COO of SHIFT UP. “We hope the players can enjoy Destiny Child’s character and story in this user-centered metaverse platform, The Sandbox.”

After their big success with Destiny Child in the Korean market, they continuously have been producing added value from IP partnerships in various fields. Along with Destiny Child, SHIFT UP has upcoming projects of NIKKE: Goddess of Victory and Project EVE which bring expectation as a huge IP holder.

About Destiny Child

Destiny Child, which is the first title produced by SHIFT UP, is a mobile Narrative CCG that gives depth and motion to more than 500 characters designed by Hyung Tae Kim along with Korean top illustrators using Live 2D technology.

The players become an Archfiend Candidate to enjoy automatic turn-based battles by collecting and deploying hundreds of characters. They also can enjoy not only splendid illustrations which stimulate the desire to collect, and colorful skill motions but also strategic play using normal skills, drive, slide, etc.

It has been topping the list of App Store and Google Play since it was first released in October 2016.



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