The Sandbox’s First Educational Activation in Riyadh

The Sandbox
4 min readMay 6, 2024

On April 22, 2024, The Sandbox facilitated its inaugural creator workshop hosted in collaboration with KACST (King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The workshop educated students on utilizing The Sandbox tools for crafting game assets and Experiences within its Metaverse platform. This event marks an initial stride towards stimulating ecosystem growth and fostering expansion within the Kingdom.

The Sandbox’s core mission is to empower next-generation creators with #nocode tools. These tools help them overcome the barriers of learning complex coding languages in game development. Additionally, The Sandbox aims to educate creators on the innovations of blockchain technology, particularly digital property rights. This enables creators and gamers to engage in the future digital economy and monetize their skills through true digital ownership.

To accomplish these objectives, Abduallah Ibrahim, CEO of SOOM Development and a developer of The Sandbox’s Ramadan Experience, assumed the role of instructor during the five-hour workshop. He provided comprehensive guidance on the entire creator journey, including:

  • How to create an account and a wallet
  • Introducing UI and different modes of VoxEdit and Game Maker
  • How to design a game asset in VoxEdit: modules, templates, animation
  • How to create an experience using the Game Maker: basics, behaviors, components, and object interactions

Moreover, participants gained insights into the diverse range of games that can be developed using the tools provided. They also discovered how their creative endeavors can be monetized effectively on The Sandbox Marketplace.

For this workshop, over 40 participants received hands-on experience with the tools with on-ground support and guidance from the team. After each course, students received sufficient time to experiment and play with what they had learned and ask any questions about the game and tools. Their interest in The Sandbox and passion for the game were visible through their focus and energy. Among the participants were three young college students who made a three-hour journey from another city to attend the workshop.

“Attending the first The Sandbox Creator workshop was both a fun and enlightening experience. The interactive and hands-on workshop makes a great introduction for anyone looking to start creating and building their own virtual experiences within The Sandbox,” said Mashael Alsaleem, KACST Metaverse & Web3 Researcher. “Whether they are an artist aiming to create and sell their voxel assets as NFTs or gamers who are eager to build their dream game easily with Game Maker, The Sandbox team of expert instructors were there to guide and help attendees start their journey. I personally believe this workshop will help many people find new opportunities to start their own businesses within the Sandbox ecosystem.”

“Our platform is transforming video game creation by empowering first-time creators worldwide. Through workshops, we introduce the Creators Economy and our accessible tools, VoxEdit and Game Maker. The enthusiasm in Saudi Arabia, supported by government initiatives, highlights a burgeoning interest in the video game industry and the global showcasing of local culture. Our recent workshop at KACST marks a significant step towards this collaborative goal,” said Sebastien BORGET. COO & Co-Founder of The Sandbox

The workshop was the first of many to come. In the future, The Sandbox plans to include Riyadh in the Builder Bootcamp World tour to provide a two-day program of more advanced training for gamers and creators in KSA. The Sandbox remains committed to fostering creators and the gaming sector in the Middle East, with Saudi Arabia being a focal point.

Through The Sandbox’s workshops and programs, anybody will be equipped with the knowledge and skill to publish an Experience in The Sandbox and join our community of creators!