The Sandbox’s Lunar New Year Event!

The Sandbox rolls out the Lunar New Year Event to celebrate growing creativity in the metaverse across Greater China in 2023!

The Sandbox
5 min readJan 13, 2023

To celebrate the year of the rabbit, The Sandbox users will be able to enjoy a series of new experiences developed by partners and studios based in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China.

This year’s Lunar New Year Event will run for an extended period from January 18 to February 28 and offer an extensive reward pool of 200,000 SAND, memorabilia, in-game NFT prizes, and virtual “Chinese Dragon” mystery boxes which include limited PFPs and The Sandbox’s premium LANDs!

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Creators and well known brands from across the region have come together to build experiences around their popular IPs. The brands include: Softstar and Alpacadabraz (Taiwan); PCCW, MTR, Sun Hung Kai & Co. and McDull (Hong Kong); and The CGame and Chili Game (Mainland China).

Starting from January 18:

Chili Game

MetaChinatown: Happy Lunar New Year! MetaChinatown is your starting point of the journey.

Meet the partners and creators from the Chinese community and celebrate this festival with your frens and fams!

Chord Hero

Chord Hero Music Gallery — What do you get when you combine an exhibition of NFT artwork by students with a charity on The Sandbox?

Come find out at the Chord Hero Music Gallery! Discover the innovative project that makes learning music easy and fun!


McDull LAND — Welcome to McDull LAND in the Metaverse!

Meet McDull and his friends, explore spectacular scenes, iconic buildings, and the fascinating food culture in Hong Kong.


Next Station: Metaverse — MTR Metaverse is here!

As the world’s first transport operator in The Sandbox, MTR Metaverse takes you on a time-travelling journey between the futuristic MTR Metaverse Railway Station and 1980s Choi Hung Station.


PCCW HKT Futurera — Everyone can explore PCCW-HKT Futurera for the first time now.

You can try games associated with the “Be ON Game” show featuring six hosts. More crossover experiences can be expected as Futurera evolves. Be ON Game!


The Legend of Sword and Fairy — As you enter the The Legend of Sword and Fairy world in The Sandbox, you realize that your Wuxia-fantasy styled adventure has only just begun.

Starting from January 24:


Paca Death Run — Paca-parkour perfection!

This collection of plants, platforms, angry farmers and mystic items pair perfectly with your Alpacadabraz avatars.

Chili Game

The Feast — Having received an anonymous message, the Frog Man investigates a mass disappearance in a remote town.

Little does he know that danger awaits during a feast in Yuyan’s restaurant.

Little Fighter

Little Fighter: Mongkok — Mongkok is Little Fighter (LF)’s first virtual world in The Sandbox, set in glorious 1980s Hong Kong.

Players can interact with LF characters in this thrilling virtual world and recall the days when they played the game with their friends at school!


nspace WMCC | Greater China Park — Welcome to WMCC, where nspace brings comics to the metaverse.

Enjoy your time with “Dragon Tiger Gate” and “ZhiDAO” in our wondrous Greater China Park!

Sun Hung Kai & Co.

Sun Hung Kai & Co: Nonstop Sailing — To adventure and help SHK Scallywag, the award winning race team repair their sailboat by completing different tasks.

Sail on and have fun!

The CGame

The Silk Road — Envoy Zhang Qian from the Han is leading a corps on a diplomatic mission for the Moon Kingdom.

During their travel on the Silk Road, the group gets ambushed by the Huns, led by general Huo Qubing.

NFT Collections

In addition to exclusive experiences, users will also be able to purchase brand new NFTs inspired by the Lunar New Year and the various regions & cultures Greater China. Here is a sneak peek:

Creator Fund’s Lunar New Year (left) ; Chord Hero (right)
The Silk Road (left) ; Paca Death Run (right)

See you on January 18th (2PM UTC) in The Sandbox!