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From statues of Irish deities to the iconic Irish hat, The Shebeen — Irish Pub NFT collection is a stunning series of unique digital assets that embody the essence and folklore of Ireland.

The NFTs directly come from The Shebeen — Irish Pub game experience, playable from March 17th to March 29th, on The Sandbox Marketplace.

The collection will live from March 17th, 3pm UTC.

The Collection

Trinity Knot Aura (left) ; Tree of Life Aura (right)
  • Trinity Knot Aura — The symbol that represents trinity, eternity and unity. The perfect balance between the cycles of life materialized in an Irish aura.
  • Tree of Life Aura — The tree of life irish aura is a representation of between heaven and earth, mind and body and the never-ending cycle of life.
Irish Dancing Dress (left) ; Morrigan’s Crown (middle) ; Irish Shield (right)
  • Irish Dancing Dress — The equippable NFT of the traditional irish dancer’s dress!
  • Morrigan’s Crown — A crown of the irish goddess of war and death.
  • Irish Shield — A lyre’s charming sound for your protection
Dagda’s Hammer (left) ; Dagda’s Cauldron (middle) ; Shamrock Aura (right)
  • Dagda’s Hammer — A godly hammer of the good god Dagda.
  • Dagda’s Cauldron — A mighty cauldron of the good god Dagda.
  • Shamrock Aura — A shamrock aura to have more luck.
Statue of Eire (left) ; Statue of Aonghus (middle) ; Statue of Danu (right)
  • Statue of Eire —Statue of the goddess of Ireland.
  • Statue of Aonghus — Statue of an irish god associated with youth, love, summer and poetic inspiration.
  • Statue of Danu — Statue of the irish mother goddess.
Irish Dancer’s Tiara (left) ; Saint Patrick’s Hat (middle) ; Pet Fairy (right)
  • Irish Dancer’s Tiara — The first equippable NFT of the traditional irish dancer’s dress!
  • Saint Patrick’s Hat — A tradicional irish hat for Saint Patrick’s day.
  • Pet Fairy — A group of fairies companions inspired by the celtic mythology
Celtic Spear (left) ; Ceremonial Shield (middle) ; Celtic Armor (right)
  • Celtic Spear — A metaverse equipment inspired by a celtic spear.
  • Ceremonial Shield — A big ceremonial shield.
  • Celtic Armor — A godly heavy armor.
Mystic Elk (left) ; Equip Pet Shamrock (middle) ; Mec Claddagh Ring Complete (right)
  • Mystic Elk — A mystic elk that dwells the magical forest.
  • Equip Pet Shamrock — A shamrock pet that represents Saint Patrick’s day.
  • Mec Claddagh Ring Complete — The whole Claddagh Ring. It’s a traditional Irish ring that represents love, loyalty and friendship.
Gay Irish Heart (left) ; Irish Pet Hat (middle) ; Ceremonial Celtic Helmet (right)
  • Gay Irish Heart — Equipment that represents the same-sex marriage right. Ireland became the first country to legalise same-sex marriage on a national level by popular vote.
  • Irish Pet Hat — An irish hat companion
  • Ceremonial Celtic Helmet — A helmet of the classic celtic armor.
Pet Puffin (left) ; Flying Pet Puffin (mddiel ) ; Traditional Irish Dancing Shoes (right)
  • Pet Puffin — A typical irish bird companion
  • Flying Pet Puffin — A typical irish bird companion
  • Traditional Irish Dancing Shoes — The equippable NFT of the traditional irish dancer’s shoes!

See you on March 17th, 3PM UTC, on The Sandbox Marketplace!



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