The Smurfs NFT Collection is expanding in The Sandbox!

The Sandbox
3 min readMar 17, 2022

Yobiké Studio is building The Smurfs experience in The Sandbox. While we’re impatiently waiting for the game experience to be released, here is a collection of assets for you to already add to your experience.

This first pack will take you to the Smurfs Village where you’ll encounter many buildings and props from the Smurfs franchise! If you want to get your hands on one of these cute assets, don’t forget to sign up on The Sandbox Marketplace on March 18th, at 3pm utc!

Without further ado, let’s smurf our way to the collection!

The NFTs

Well (left) ; Spiral plant (middle) ; Ship (right)
Smurf Train (left) ; Small Yellow Mushroom (middle) ; Small red Mushroom (right)
Papa’s Smurf Chair (left) ; Clover (middle) ; Papa’s Smurf Bookstand (right)
Papa’s Smurf Alchemy Table (left) ; Farmer Cart (middle) ; Giant Yellow Flower (right)
Giant Purple Flower (left) ; Giant Blue Flower (middle) ; Finance Smurf’s House (right)
Clockwork (left) ; Astro Smurf’s Spaceship (right)
  • Astro Smurf’s Spaceship– A primitive-looking rocket ship built with the purpose to travel to another world.
  • Smurf Train– Tchoo tchoo!
  • Smurf Ship– Also called “S.S. Smurf”, this sailing ship was used by a group of Smurfs to try their hand at sailing across the sea.
  • Finance Smurf’s House–The hut owned by the Finance Smurf. Its roof shines like gold.
  • Farmer cart– One of the working tools of the Farmer Smurf.
  • Well– Legend says that your wish will come true if you throw a coin in it.
  • Giant Yellow Flower– A giant jonquil.
  • Giant Purple Flower– A giant bellflower.
  • Papa Smurf’s Alchemy Table– Who knows what Papa Smurf is making in his laboratory?
  • Clockwork– Pretty and useful.
  • Giant Blue Flower– A giant hyacinth.
  • Clovers– Won’t bring you luck but is a nice addition to your LAND.
  • Spiral Plant– A spiral plant.
  • Papa Smurf’s Chair– Papa Smurf is always reading a book while sitting on this chair.
  • Papa Smurf’s Bookstand– A nice bookstand with a candle to light up the room at night.
  • Small Red Mushroom– Luckily it’s non-venomous.
  • Small Yellow Mushroom– Can be used as a cover when it’s raining.

See you on March 18th, 3pm utc, on The Sandbox Marketplace!