The Smurfs NFT Collection is expanding in The Sandbox!

The NFTs

Well (left) ; Spiral plant (middle) ; Ship (right)
Smurf Train (left) ; Small Yellow Mushroom (middle) ; Small red Mushroom (right)
Papa’s Smurf Chair (left) ; Clover (middle) ; Papa’s Smurf Bookstand (right)
Papa’s Smurf Alchemy Table (left) ; Farmer Cart (middle) ; Giant Yellow Flower (right)
Giant Purple Flower (left) ; Giant Blue Flower (middle) ; Finance Smurf’s House (right)
Clockwork (left) ; Astro Smurf’s Spaceship (right)
  • Astro Smurf’s Spaceship– A primitive-looking rocket ship built with the purpose to travel to another world.
  • Smurf Train– Tchoo tchoo!
  • Smurf Ship– Also called “S.S. Smurf”, this sailing ship was used by a group of Smurfs to try their hand at sailing across the sea.
  • Finance Smurf’s House–The hut owned by the Finance Smurf. Its roof shines like gold.
  • Farmer cart– One of the working tools of the Farmer Smurf.
  • Well– Legend says that your wish will come true if you throw a coin in it.
  • Giant Yellow Flower– A giant jonquil.
  • Giant Purple Flower– A giant bellflower.
  • Papa Smurf’s Alchemy Table– Who knows what Papa Smurf is making in his laboratory?
  • Clockwork– Pretty and useful.
  • Giant Blue Flower– A giant hyacinth.
  • Clovers– Won’t bring you luck but is a nice addition to your LAND.
  • Spiral Plant– A spiral plant.
  • Papa Smurf’s Chair– Papa Smurf is always reading a book while sitting on this chair.
  • Papa Smurf’s Bookstand– A nice bookstand with a candle to light up the room at night.
  • Small Red Mushroom– Luckily it’s non-venomous.
  • Small Yellow Mushroom– Can be used as a cover when it’s raining.



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