The Walking Dead — NFT Collection

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5 min readOct 2, 2022

Showcase your survival ability against Walkers with rare and exclusive items in this NFT collection. Use them to build your own The Walking Dead experiences, or show your struggle. Are you prepared to make it to Alexandria?

20+ assets from The Walking Dead game experience have been added to The Sandbox Marketplace, get yours now!

And don’t forget, purchasing an asset from this collection will grant you the “Collector Badge” that unlocks an extra reward of 30 SAND!

The Collection

  • Aaron —A mediator and scout of sorts, Aaron is a welcoming face in a dark time. He cares about others, and will do what he can to help them.
  • Alexandria Survivor Trolley —As long as you have gas, this is a moving fortress. When the gas and bullets run out, however…
  • Battle Ready Michonne —Michonne has been through much, but she will continue to fight. Wielding her katana, she makes light work of walkers, or anyone else who dares cross her.
  • Cassie — Cassie is not someone to be taken lightly. She’s been known to rip Walkers apart with her bare hands, or so the rumor around Alexandria suggests.
  • Compound Bow —A compound bow that can be fired with deadly accuracy to nail targets living…and dead.
  • Crawling Walker — The hunger compels them ever forward, crawling, with fingers scraped to the bone. Just don’t let them grab you!
  • Decomposed Walker —You can always spot a Walker that has been around for a long time by their state of decay. This one is getting…ripe.
  • Decomposing Walker — The older the Walker, the greater their state of decay. The stink, however, never goes away. This one has moss growing on it.
  • Kingdom Guard —Always vigilant, the guards at the Kingdom colony keep watch for Walkers, or worse, other humans that would do harm.
  • Kingdom Guard on Horse — This horse has been trained to fight through indescribable things… it’s better not to think about how they achieved that training.
  • Kingdom Horseback Security —When riding a horse and dealing with Walkers, the key is to keep perfect balance.
  • Leader Rick Grimes —Despite the crumbling world around him, Rick’s confidence grew, and now he leads the people of Alexandria towards a better tomorrow.
  • Metro Train —Be warned! There always seems to be something hiding within rusted train cars, be it a Walker, an enemy human, or wild animal. Proceed with caution!
  • Prisoner Negan —With the Saviors in ruins after losing the war with Alexandria, Negan is now Rick’s prisoner
  • Riot Gear Arms —These pads are coated in old sweat and blood, and have a distinctive scent… It’s better not to think about what happened to the last person who wore these.
  • Riot Gear Chest —Bite marks and bullet holes can be found in this chestplate. It must have protected someone else, so should do the same for you.
  • Riot Shield — What horrors this shield has seen it will never tell, but whoever used it before you must have met a violent end…
  • Shambling Walker — Whoever they were before is irrelevant. They’re hungry, and you could be their next meal.
  • Teen Carl Grimes — Carl has seen and been through a lot, and now just wants to be a blacksmith. If peace in Alexandria can last, then just maybe he’ll have a chance…

About ‘The Walking Dead: A Day in Alexandria’

The multiplayer game experience is now available in The Sandbox Alpha Season 3! Alexandria is in turmoil! Walkers gather at the gate, the walls need upgrading, and revenge is plotted in the shadows… Prove yourself to the citizens as you begin your TWD journey!