The Walking Dead — NFT Collection

The Collection

  • Aaron —A mediator and scout of sorts, Aaron is a welcoming face in a dark time. He cares about others, and will do what he can to help them.
  • Alexandria Survivor Trolley —As long as you have gas, this is a moving fortress. When the gas and bullets run out, however…
  • Battle Ready Michonne —Michonne has been through much, but she will continue to fight. Wielding her katana, she makes light work of walkers, or anyone else who dares cross her.
  • Cassie — Cassie is not someone to be taken lightly. She’s been known to rip Walkers apart with her bare hands, or so the rumor around Alexandria suggests.
  • Compound Bow —A compound bow that can be fired with deadly accuracy to nail targets living…and dead.
  • Crawling Walker — The hunger compels them ever forward, crawling, with fingers scraped to the bone. Just don’t let them grab you!
  • Decomposed Walker —You can always spot a Walker that has been around for a long time by their state of decay. This one is getting…ripe.
  • Decomposing Walker — The older the Walker, the greater their state of decay. The stink, however, never goes away. This one has moss growing on it.
  • Kingdom Guard —Always vigilant, the guards at the Kingdom colony keep watch for Walkers, or worse, other humans that would do harm.
  • Kingdom Guard on Horse — This horse has been trained to fight through indescribable things… it’s better not to think about how they achieved that training.
  • Kingdom Horseback Security —When riding a horse and dealing with Walkers, the key is to keep perfect balance.
  • Leader Rick Grimes —Despite the crumbling world around him, Rick’s confidence grew, and now he leads the people of Alexandria towards a better tomorrow.
  • Metro Train —Be warned! There always seems to be something hiding within rusted train cars, be it a Walker, an enemy human, or wild animal. Proceed with caution!
  • Prisoner Negan —With the Saviors in ruins after losing the war with Alexandria, Negan is now Rick’s prisoner
  • Riot Gear Arms —These pads are coated in old sweat and blood, and have a distinctive scent… It’s better not to think about what happened to the last person who wore these.
  • Riot Gear Chest —Bite marks and bullet holes can be found in this chestplate. It must have protected someone else, so should do the same for you.
  • Riot Shield — What horrors this shield has seen it will never tell, but whoever used it before you must have met a violent end…
  • Shambling Walker — Whoever they were before is irrelevant. They’re hungry, and you could be their next meal.
  • Teen Carl Grimes — Carl has seen and been through a lot, and now just wants to be a blacksmith. If peace in Alexandria can last, then just maybe he’ll have a chance…

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