Three Things that Make the Metaverse a Limitless Destination for Creators

The Sandbox
4 min readNov 7, 2023

At The Sandbox’s first Global Creators’ Day on November 3, 2023, Arthur Madrid and Sebastien Borget announced that “The Metaverse is Now Open!” This exciting proclamation allows LAND owners with completed experiences to launch them instantaneously onto The Sandbox’s map.

For those who were unable to attend the conference, we have transcribed Artur Madrid’s speech announcing this new phase of The Sandbox below:

“Today is the day our company has been preparing for since we started; it is the day The Sandbox celebrates Creation and Creators: Creators Day, for the first time in Hong Kong!

The Sandbox has developed a Creator community from all over the world, but Asia and Hong Kong are special to us. Hong Kong is the place where our story began in 2018. It’s where we decided, with Animoca, to move The Sandbox platform into Web3 and enable every creation to use Ethereum blockchain technology. To make every created asset truly owned and interoperable.

Five years later, The Sandbox has over 24,500 LAND Owners, and over 130,000 creators; 300,000 assets created and traded with our token. Today, we want to introduce you to our team, special guests, and friends who will share our values and our creation techniques.

We will discuss how our platform plans to host thousands of home-made experiences, where everyone can express who they are and tell their stories.

With over 500 brands and IPs, The Sandbox is growing an ecosystem of partners in entertainment, music, architecture, gaming, art, finance, and more.

I will just present three thoughts to describe why I believe the metaverse will be the limitless destination for creators.

First, The Map:

The Sandbox map is unique. Because all creators are building on their own land but also building together in a virtual realm, a virtual city, a virtual world…

We are not a gallery of games, We are not a store of games. We are shaping something dynamic: a new approach to space but also of time.

Since our first LAND sale in 2019 and beyond, we believe that our map is a representation. A unique testimony. A legacy of Web3 creation. Building the metaverse is not a standalone model, but being part of a family of Creators: The #SANDFam. It is not just one land and another land, but the visual and the sum of experiences that will define the metaverse.


We live in a new world where tools do not need programming. The 2010s were the decade of programming. 2020 is the decade of design.

We are developing a No-code Multiplayer Gaming Tool that will enable thousands of players to one day interact socially on the map.

What does The Sandbox offer? The fascinating journey of understanding how we can separate content and rendering, where we can imagine an asset with the prism of defining its DNA on a chain.

A Web 3 creator is someone who can track his creation as a living object and always know its mutation, its provenance, its value, and its story.

We are focusing on building creator tools that anyone can use. Gaming will never be the same and will no longer exist as it is. It is living its last moment where the Freemium model and low incentives for Creators are over. After a too-long monopoly where data has been unfairly stored and values unfairly shared by monopolistic companies, it is time to empower creators with new systems and a new generation of tools.

Third and last, WHY it matters to create.

Creation is a need to exist. We want to transmit emotions to others but also to ourselves.

The feeling of accomplishing something. The pride and love to have been able to shape an idea, a story, an asset, or an experience is to give ourselves and others true satisfaction.

We truly believe that The Sandbox is a place where everyone can be an artist, and everyone can be a creator and feel this emotion. This emotion, when it is shared, inspires, and adopted,

It is culture.

The Sandbox wants to have an impact on global culture. Create CULTURE not only content. Content alone is not enough. Content is just a tool, a means to an end.

The end is culture.

Culture is what makes people feel connected, loyal, and passionate about something.

Culture is what makes people identify with a brand, a community, or a movement.

Culture is what makes people take action, spread the word, and support a cause.

Creating culture is not easy. It requires vision, authenticity, and consistency. It requires knowing your audience, understanding their needs and desires, and providing them with value and meaning.

It requires being human and being real. Content is what you say. Culture is what you do. Content is what you produce. Culture is where what you create takes on a life of its own.

To finish, the new generation of Creators, in particular, is eager to embrace this creative opportunity. I have a deep conviction that we’re exceptionally well-positioned to not only attract but also nurture and support these creators. Our community is vibrant and thrives on mutual support. It encompasses players, and creators of all sizes, as well as esteemed brands and celebrities.

I wish you a fantastic moment. Let’s all make it memorable. Enjoy Creators Day, dear #SANDFam. And thank you to our team for organizing today’s event.”

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