Ukraine 24.02.2022 — NFT Collection

Let’s raise funds for Ukraine!

The Sandbox
3 min readApr 25, 2022

On April 27th, 3pm utc, The Sandbox Marketplace will host an NFT collection called “Ukraine 24.02.2022”.

The drop is made of one asset created by the Ukrainian voxel artist, Ilya. The NFT is a two sided art piece. A representation of peace, independence but also civil resistance. This Rare NFT will have 200 copies, each copy costing 15 SAND. All revenues generated by the sale will go to charities supporting the victims of the Ukrainian war.

The artist kindly accepted to share the backstory of this piece:

Kyiv, February 23rd, around 10 pm.

Walking down the street in the city center, I was thinking about tomorrow day, my work projects, my university classes, nothing special. It was supposed to be a good day…

On the 24th, at 6:30 am, I woke up from the sounds of explosions. I turned on the TV and found out that the war has begun. The sounds of the flying air fighters, explosions and air alerts will haunt me forever. For me, the time has stopped from this day, and despite the fact that the war has been going on for almost two months, I still cannot believe that this is real.

I have been working on this project while the air raid sirens we going off. I knew that at any moment, a shell could fly into my house. However, the only thing, that kept me strong was the desire to make something for my country. To use my voice to show how it feels to be Ukrainian.

I have defined my work as this triumphant arch which was inspired by Ancient Greek culture as well as the traditional pattern of Ukrainian Vyshyvanka. The Ukrainian Vyshyvanka has long been considered as one of the strongest amulets to repeal evil spirits and misfortunes, thanks to its unique pattern.

February 24th, 2022 is the day that changed the life of Ukrainians. There will always be a “before” and an “after”. Which is why, the front side of the arch symbolizes peacefulness, independence, strength and courage of my people. The backside on the other hand, tells about the war that came to our homes. About the atrocities in Bucha and Irpin’, about the murder of civilians, especially children and the destruction of everything we have built all across the country. The backside is about our destroyed cities but also our unbreakable spirit. Moreover, the flag with bloody sunflowers reprsents the defenders who gave their life for our country and the future of our kids.

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to the heroes!

We want to thank Ilya for his courage and his generosity! If you wish to support Ukraine, please consider purchasing one copy of this NFT. As a reminder, 100% of the revenues generated by this collection will go to charities supporting the vistims of the Ukrainian war.