Update on LAND smart contracts and LAND bridge contracts

The Sandbox
2 min readAug 8, 2023


Hello to all of our players tuning in from around the world!

In order to perform an update of our LAND smart contracts and of our LAND bridge contracts, we recently paused our LAND bridging features as we performed maintenance operations.

All updates have since been completed, and bridging features are back online! Here is everything you need to know about the new features and updates:

Bridging LAND both ways

We are enabling our LAND owners who have minted their LAND on Polygon to bridge their LAND to Ethereum. This brings the bridge to its full capacity with all the LANDs to be bridgeable in both ways, no matter whether they have been minted on Ethereum or Polygon. Until now, bridging was a one-way street and only LAND minted on Ethereum could be bridged. Since LAND sales are now hosted on Polygon, we believe that the expansion of our bridging service will offer our community a better experience than what was previously available. This update will extend to all LANDs in The Sandbox ecosystem.

Other upgrades

We also have also performed different upgrades on our LAND bridge contracts. Besides solving a technical, but non-exploitable issue on a Polygon library, we also decided to migrate the contracts behind a proxy to maintain flexibility for future evolutions.

Additionally, secondary market royalties on Opensea will now be enforced across all our LAND tokens, using the Opensea Operator filter. The Operator filter will allow us to filter marketplace contract addresses that do not respect royalties at a smart contract level. At The Sandbox, we strongly believe that NFT royalties should be enforced no matter the project, the collection, or the marketplace where the sale occurs. This is a paramount requirement in order to have a strong and stable ecosystem, and The Sandbox is dedicated to working extensively on it. We will share more details about our ongoing efforts in the next few weeks.

The LAND tokens contracts remain the same:

The LAND bridge contracts have now new addresses:

The smart contracts have been audited by OpenZeppelin. You can find the Audit report in our Github.

We are excited to launch all of these new features to provide a better ecosystem experience for creators and players across our ecosystem. To keep up to date on all our latest updates, please visit www.sandbox.game and follow our Twitter, Medium, and Discord!