Voices from the Metaverse: INDEX GAME

The first episode of the article series ‘Voices from the Metaverse”

The Sandbox
4 min readDec 11, 2022

‘Voices from the Metaverse’ is a series of testimonials from partners and creators who launched their Web3 projects with The Sandbox. The goal of this series is to inspire anyone who is interested in starting their own journey in The Sandbox metaverse.

Can you please introduce yourself and INDEX GAME?

Hello, my name is Becky Wong , I’m the Co-founder of INDEX DESIGN & INDEX GAME, the first Hong Kongese metaverse agency to be appointed and fully supported by The Sandbox. I graduated from the School of Design in Hong Kong Poly University and I’ve been working in the design and advertising industry for the past 20 years.

How did INDEX GAME start?

INDEX Game initially started as INDEX DESIGN, an agency with over 15 years of experience in brand development, marketing and advertising design. In early 2021, we were introduced by Harvey Tsoi (then Director of Greater China at The Sandbox) to a project that was about to explode in popularity — The Sandbox.

In just 3 months, we grew from 3 to 7 people and joined The Sandbox’s Creator Fund. Thanks to the program, we received our first financial support which allowed us to keep working on ambitious metaverse projects.

Why did you accept to work with The Sandbox?

We quickly understood the endless possibilities that the metaverse could offer. Thanks to our past experience in design and advertising, we were confident in our capacity to develop the Hong Kong market through creativity and constant innovation.

What have you been creating so far?

We had the privilege to work on one of the most successful projects in The Sandbox: Hong Kong Mega City 1; where we handled over seven TSB partners and successfully completed South China Morning Post’s first game in The Sandbox. The experience opened to the public in Alpha Season 2 and ranked Top 3 in various categories. The experience was well received in the Hong Kong market and has significantly increased the exposure of The Sandbox, INDEX GAME and Web3 as a whole.

We have since expanded our company to cope with the rapid growth of The Sandbox in the Hong Kong market. Hanjin Music Palooza and our first in-house game, Kowloon Walled City, debuted in Alpha Season 3, and both games continue to receive great response in the Hong Kong market.

Hanjin Music Palooza (left) ; Kowloon Walled City (right)

After more than a year of experience, INDEX GAME has grown from three people to more than 35 people now, completed 9 game experiences, 22 IP promotion trailers, 13 Premium Assets, 83 Assets of Creator Fund, etc.

Thanks to our marketing department’s efforts, INDEX GAME has received more than 24K social media followers, translating into a value of more than US$316K; over 180 media coverage reports, reaching more than 4.5M people, translating into a value of more than US$2.7M.

Apart from The Sandbox, are there any significant projects that you’ve worked on?

We participated in two of the major art fairs in Hong Kong — FineArt Asia and Digital Art Fair, and as a result, one of Kowloon Walled City’s works made its debut in Sotheby’s auction market.

In response to the changes in the Hong Kong market and to enhance the popularity of The Sandbox, we set up Index Academy to nurture world class TSB LANDs Architects and co-host the first and largest Voxel Art contest in Hong Kong wit VTC*. So far we held over 8 seminars and 10 workshops with various tertiary institutions in Hong Kong. We have also reached an agreement with the Hong Kong Education Bureau to become the first metaverse agency to collaborate with the Hong Kong SAR Government.

*VTC — The Vocational Training Council is the largest vocational and professional education and training provider in HK. No of reach are more than 5K+ student and teacher.

Any notable achievements that you’d like to mention?

Our experience Kowloon Walled City received in 2022 the HK ICT Awards 2022 — Digital Entertainment (Interaction Design) Award. The award is presented by the HK government’s Office of the Government Chief Information Officer. Previously, the award was given to tech corporations with decades of experience, and this year, it is the first time a metaverse experience to ever be recognised and awarded with the honor.

The same year, we also won the Marketing Excellence Awards 2022 (Excellence in Gamification) — Go! GingerOnion

What would be INDEX GAME future?

Hong Kong is not the limit... Our goal in 2023 is to expand our footprint in Asia. We recently opened a new branch in Malaysia, and Singapore & Taiwan are next in line.

All these achievements are the result of The Sandbox’s full support and our teams’ hardwork, all aiming for one common goal: developing The Sandbox metaverse in Asia. We also inspire to be a role model for any metaverse agency supported by The Sandbox.

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