VoxEdit “Architecture” Creation Contest (3000 SAND in prizes)

Introducing the next VoxEdit asset creation contest with 3,000 $SAND in prizes!

This weeks’ theme is..


Use VoxEdit to create your favorite architecture designs!

This could be a building, a house, a statue, or any other type of structure you feel inspired to create!


SUBMISSION: August 6th / August 20th

VOTING PERIOD: August 20th / August 27th

(You MUST submit by August 20th at 11:59PM GMT in order to be included in the voting form that will be shared on TSB socials.)

The Prizes

1st Place: 1,000 $SAND and Special In Game contest winner asset!

2nd Place: 1,000 $SAND and Special In Game contest winner asset!!

3rd Place: 1,000 $SAND and Special In Game contest winner asset!

We will also be holding an official TSB marketplace NFT drop with the winning assets!

Honorable Mention Asset: Special In Game contest winner asset!

How to Submit your Asset

  • Create a GIF of your fully animated asset (We recommend using Gyazo)
  • Tweet your assets GIF mentioning @VoxEdit and @TheSandboxGame on Twitter!
  • MAKE SURE to include #VoxEditWeekly hashtag in your Tweet
  • To finalize your submission please fill out the following Google Form: https://forms.gle/hwbs7ZsMoFGs1SKS9

Further Details

  • The Sandbox Team will be asked to vote on their favorite assets. This will give the assets that are very well done, but not shared for friends voting a chance to pop up. The team will be asked to vote for their 3 favorites among ALL the submissions.
  • Sandbox Artists that did not participate will also be asked to vote!
  • Finally, Land Owners will be asked to vote as well. These are the people whom afterall will be potentially purchasing these assets to build experiences around on their lands. It is important to get them more involved in this voting process!
  • Additionally we will be selecting one HONORABLE MENTION each week that the Sandbox team absolutely loves or something that stuck out to us, went above and beyond etc but did not win or receive credit where it is due.

Again, please bare with us as improve these weekly contests! They will only be further improving as the process evolves. We are looking forward to seeing all your awesome creations each week!

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