VoxWeekly 5/22/23

The Sandbox
3 min readMay 22, 2023

Welcome to VoxWeekly, brought to you by The Sandbox! This quick, weekly newsletter is published every Monday as a recap of what happened across our ecosystem during the week prior.

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In this issue, our recap includes:

  1. Get cooking with Gordon Ramsay.
  2. Learn how the Care Bears Leverage The Sandbox to Build a Stronger Bond with Fans.
  3. Check out our next LAND sale teaser…
  4. 200,000 gasless users completed 1M gasless transactions with Polygon Labs and Biconomy, saving 18,000 MATIC.

In-Game Events



  • K-VERSE Hallyu Rising LAND sale is coming soon, let us know how pumped you are HERE!
  • We launched our Avatar collection with World Cup champion Sergio Kun Aguero’s Kuniverse! Mint your own Avatar and become a part of his team HERE.
  • We SOLD OUT Mega City 3!

Community Highlights

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