Warrior Equipment Assets

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4 min readJan 25, 2024


VoxEdit Contest Minis

Bringing you another VoxEdit Mini Contest!

Download VoxEdit Here to get started.

Theme : Design warrior themed equipment. Make sure to use any of the equipment templates. We don’t require animations, although you are free to animate them if you wish.

You can create a single piece of equipment or an entire set. Make sure when creating an entire set you zip those files and show off the set in just one submission video.

Need Inspiration?

Why should you participate in VoxEdit Contests?

  • Exciting prizes: Win SAND prizes, the ability to mint and sell your assets, NFT prizes and other prizes from IPs (minting and selling is only on selected contests so make sure you read to see if those contests are eligible)
  • Exposure: VoxEdit Contests are a brilliant way for you to develop and show off your asset creating skills. Where would games be if not for all the fantastic assets inside of them. Take part and we’ll showcase your work
  • Skill Enhancement: Refine your Voxel art skills. Explore new ideas and methods and create outside of your usual comfort zone with interesting themes.
  • Community Spirit: Take part in a fun and vibrant community of fellow creators and artists, where you can share your progress, exchange ideas, collab with others and learn tips and tricks.


Regular Category

10,000 SAND will be split amongst the top entries in the following ways :

  • 1st place: 2,000 SAND
  • 2nd place: 1,500 SAND
  • 3rd place: 1000 SAND
  • 4th to 10th place : Each receives 500 SAND.
  • Participation : 20 SAND**

Top 5 assets will be given catalysts to mint.

*SAND prizes will now be sent on Polygon network.
** for the first 100 valid participants that don’t place in the top 10.

IMPORTANT: KYC is needed to place in the top 3 or you need to be a verified creator. 4th — 10th place can earn rewards without KYC.

How to be a verified creator?

  • Have a studio linked with a GMF account. or
  • Have participated in 5 contests and placed top 10 during one of those times.

🗓️ Important dates!

  • Submissions open : January 25th
  • Submission deadline: February 2nd, 11:59PM UTC.
  • Results announced : 17th — 18th February

✅How To Submit Your Entry

⚠️Important Entry Guidelines

  • Low quality entries or spammed entries with no effort put into their creation will be disqualified at The Sandbox’s discretion. The same goes for attempting to claim other people’s creations as your own — we’ll know.
  • Entries containing elements of any kind of discriminative or overly sexualised nature will be disqualified from the contest. Keep it family friendly.
  • Your submission must be original, made entirely by you. You cannot make an ASSET of a character that belongs to someone else (ie, Marvel, Disney, Sega etc).
  • Your entry must be made in The Sandbox’s free VoxEdit software (click here), available on Windows and Mac.
  • Make sure you have read and understood the VoxEdit Contest Guidelines.
  • Assets should not exceed more than 5000 faces.
  • Assets should not exceed a max of 175 nodes.
  • The maximum size of an asset is 512 voxels tall (16 meters). Floor print should not exceed 512 x 512 x 512.
  • You can submit more than one entry.
  • Voting will be conducted internally by The Sandbox team.
  • By participating you agree Sandbox can use your entry artwork for promotional purposes.

💯Judging Criteria

Your asset will be judged based on the criteria below. Each criterion follows a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being “very poor” and 5 being “very good”.

  • Creativity (How creative was the asset based on the theme?)
  • Usability (Versatility, different uses/scale/good collider interactions) worth double points
  • Optimisation (does the asset look optimised in The Sandbox Game? Low face and node count is more optimised)
  • Aesthetics (Geometry, shape / Proportion / Colour Palette / Texture / Level of detail).

🧐New to VoxEdit Or Need Assistance?